Is 14k White Gold Engagement Ring Popular Today?

by - 5/31/2018 09:40:00 PM

There are various kinds of white gold engagement rings that appeal to men and women. One jewelry piece that is gaining much attention is the 14k white gold moissanite engagement ring. As we all know, carat ratings are used to describe the purity of gold. White gold engagement rings have seen growth in terms of popularity in the modern fashion world merely suggest that its advantages over the other form of jewelry such as the yellow gold ring or platinum ring could have played a crucial role.

First, the 14 carat white gold emerald cut morganite engagement rings made from a mixture of gold with zinc or nickel that give it the added strength and bright luster shine, and being lighter in weight as compared to other metal engagement ring, could only bring a memorable surprise to many a wearer because of its durability and luster. Though less purer than pure gold but stronger, 14k gold is able to be crafted into various ideally beautiful designs that fit into any formal or casual wear. This is because it is malleable enough to be allowed to do so.

Second, 14k rings made of white gold could suit all occasions, not only for weddings but they are also available and suitable for numerous purposes and easily adaptable to any specialty design to make it truly special to the wearer.

Third, people love to wear 14k white gold rings as it exudes purity and love which seems difficult for words to describe. Price is another factor why many are attracted to it if that is the reason for them to work around budget and in particular people who are looking for cheap engagement rings which do not necessarily mean inferior in quality but far from it. What matters to most people is choice and preference.

The fact remains that 14k gold ring is still a popular choice even among those in the fashion world could have been attributed to these other factors. One of this being that the high-quality 14k gold ring will retain its luster and never rust or discolor. It has also got scratch resistant quality, making it more durable than the yellow gold ring, requiring only routine proper cleaning. Over the years past and present, 14k gold rings have continued to portray a sense of elegance and it seems customary nowadays for many couples to choose 14k white gold turquoise engagement ring as a way to signify the commitment by both parties.

In fact, there are lots of choices to make if you really want to buy one. You just need to research about reputable online stores that sell authentic jewelry pieces at a cost-effective rate with good customer support. This is vital when you are planning on buying a 14k white gold engagement ring to start a new chapter of your relationship by getting engaged with your loved one and making it an unforgettable moment. 

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