Thursday, June 22, 2017

All Out Of Space: Options When Your Family Is Outgrowing The House

So your family has run out of space in the house. The most obvious solution here would be to move house, but… that’s not necessarily one that’s going to work for you financially. In fact, there are a number of reasons why you might be struggling for space but still not want to move. If that’s the case, what are your options?

1) Build An Extension

If you have backyard space that you could spare, then build an extension is the easiest way to add yourself some vital extra space. The size utterly depends on your budget and what you need. If you need new bedrooms to house your kids, then you probably want something relatively large. If it’s just more storage that’s required, then a smaller extension (perhaps off the kitchen for the sake of ease) could be enough to do the trick.

While an extension is not the cheapest option available, it’s also the one that is going to have the best permanent solutions for you.

2) Convert The Attic/Basement

If you don’t want to build more, then you could look at working on the structure you already have. Basements and (particularly) attics work very well for conversions, especially if the area is already in a good condition. You could move your bedroom to create a master suite, or just reclaim the living area by making the converted room a kids playroom.

3) Declutter - Well, Ish

Decluttering is all well and good if you have amassed a collection of items that you don’t need, but there’s plenty of clutter that we’re stuck with because we do need it. Seasonal items are the biggest offenders here, taking up a lot of space when not in use. To free some room, it might be worth following some handy storage tips and moving the items into off-site storage. You can then grab these items when they’re needed, but not have to have them clutter up the house the rest of the year. This tactic will make life easier if you do come to move in the future, too.

4) Declutter - Properly

There are two types of clutter; the clutter that we will eventually have a use for (see above) and the clutter that is just junk. Taking the time to go through your home with a fine-toothed comb and getting rid of anything that you’re keeping “just in case” could free up a surprisingly large amount of space. If there’s anything that you don’t want to part with for sentimental reasons, then it might be best moved into the storage unit rather than dominating space you need for essentials.

5) Expand Outside (Without The Extension)

If you have outdoor space but don’t want an extension, then you can still make use of the area for storage. Use plastic storage sheds - more convenient as the wood never needs treating - to house anything and everything. These sheds are often marketed for use to store garden equipment, but if you’ve got the space to host one then there’s nothing saying that’s what you have to use them for!

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Dream Camping Destinations

The whole appeal of camping is that you are getting out into nature, sleeping under the stars and getting away from the stresses of modern life. And while there are plenty of places that you can do this all over the world, there are some destinations that hold a special appeal. So, if you are looking to travel to that ideal outdoor getaway, here are a few of the most incredible camping destinations that are worth taking a closer look at.

Yosemite National Park, USA

If you have never been to Yosemite before, it really does hold a special place in the hearts of outdoor lovers all around the world. But many people who visit have never tried the full camping experience. With 95 percent of the park designated wilderness, you could spend a lifetime choosing different spots to pitch your tent! When the sun goes down, you really get to experience the full quiet and peace of nature.

Lake District National Park, England

When many people think of England, their minds often drift to the metropolis of London and the rest of the country becomes something of a blur. But the Lake District is an entirely different proposition. Home to the country’s highest mountains and classic English villages, you sometimes feel as if you have gone back in time when you wander around this corner of the world. Obviously, there are campsites galore and you can also try wild camping if this is what you prefer.

South West Rocks, Australia

There is no doubt that camping is one of the ultimate ways to enjoy a trip to Australia. In many places, you may need something a little more sturdy like soft floor camper trailers to give you that added bit of security and protection. South West Rocks are in the region of New South Wales and are surrounded by rivers, rainforest, and beaches. When it comes to dreaming camping destinations, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Sahara Desert, Morocco

If you have never thought about going camping in the middle of the biggest desert in the world, you are certainly not alone! But there is plenty of beauty to be found in the Sahara Desert, particularly if you wait until the sun goes down and stare up at the stars. This is the kind of place where you will want to have a guide to keep you safe and show you the best spots, but it will certainly provide an unforgettable experience.

Lake Myvatn, Iceland

At the other end of the scale, a camping trip in Iceland will give you a different experience entirely. And, despite its name, summer is often a very pleasant time to visit this part of the world. The experience that many people go for is the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the northern lights. If you spend most of your time outdoors, you certainly increase your chances of seeing this natural wonder significantly so this is a trip you should certainly consider!

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3 Health Impacts Of Inadequate Home Heating

When the stifling heat of summer finally gives way to fall, the feeling can be one of sweet relief. Finally, you can walk down the street without feeling like you’ll perspire half your body weight in sweat. You can sit and watch a TV show without having to fan yourself. You can even contemplate using your kitchen once more because it’s no longer too hot to cook.

It’s a delightful, blissful relief without a doubt. As fall gives way to winter, however, the feelings of delight at the lower temperatures may become something less savory. Suddenly the heat that you so favored has been replaced by chills, waking up in a cold bedroom, and having to huddle under a blanket at night. You know you could turn on the heating, but… that’s expensive. You’ll just put an extra sweater on. That’ll take care of the problem.

Will it, though?

While all systems from hydronic heating to just running an electric heater can be expensive, it’s a cost you should be willing to pay - or the cost in terms of your health could be far more severe. After all, not heating your home can have pretty serious consequences on your health - the kind of problems that no amount of thick sweaters are going to be able to solve.

#1 - Lung Problems

Constantly breathing in cold air makes the vessels in our lungs constrict. There are even types of asthma which are primarily triggered not by an allergy source, but by cold air. Even for those of us who don’t have this condition, you’re putting your lungs under a huge amount of stress if they are constantly inhaling chilled air.

Not only does this make you more susceptible to colds and flu, but it will also exacerbate any underlying conditions. This is especially true for children.

#2 - Skin Problems

When the air is wet and heavy - as it tends to be in an unheated home during winter - then your skin can play the price. Not only will you generally find your skin is less comfortable and needs more moisturizing, but you can also see signs of an illness called cold urticaria. Cold urticaria is, essentially, an allergic reaction to cold temperatures.

#3 - House Problems That Affect Health

Finally, if you allow your house to be cold, it’s likely going to be more humid. Humid tends to mean one thing and one thing alone: black mold. There’s no way of overstating how devastating black mold can be on health - it’s literally fatal if you don’t deal with the symptoms it causes.

It will spread happily in a cold, wet environment, releasing spores into the air that you then inhale. You’re inhaling these - remember - on lungs that are already not much prepared for the task. The toxicity of black mold varies on the type of fungus, but it’s not hyperbole to say it could be life-threatening. The death of actress Brittany Murphy was linked to toxic black mold, so this is definitely not a situation to take lightly.

So wrap up, turn the heating on, and waiting for spring to come!

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The Biggest Moving Mistakes To Steer Clear Of

Moving house, especially when you’ve got your whole family in tow, is one of the most stressful experiences most of us will ever go through. There are countless factors you need to plan for and all kinds of things that can go wrong in the process. However, many people make it harder for themselves through perfectly avoidable slip-ups. Here are some of the biggest ones to steer clear of.
Overestimating the Time You Have

If this is the first large-scale move you’ve had to carry out, or it’s been a while since your last one, then it can be easy to forget how long it can take to actually get things organised. Many people won’t have any flexibility in terms of the amount of planning time they have, usually due to a job-based relocation or some other personal constraints. For the rest of us though, it’s important to start planning as early as possible in order to avoid any last-minute panics. When planning your move, it’s usually best to work backwards: set a moving date, and then count back around eight weeks, or more if you can. This should give you ample time to draw up a solid budget, hire any services you need, and deal with your packing.
Failing to Check References for Moving Services

One of the toughest parts of making a move run smoothly is hiring the various services you need. It is important to use reputable furniture removalists and similar professionals if you want to ensure everything you’re moving with gets to your new place completely unscathed. Be sure to call several different moving services, and then run them through some reference checks. Even though a certain moving company may not have any public complaints brought against them, this doesn’t mean that the work they did was exactly first-rate. However, this will generally mean that if a problem does come up, you’ll be able to resolve it fairly easily. Moves carry risks. Getting everything to your new house is going to be hard enough without poor moving services, that allow things to get broken or go missing. Still, you can mitigate all the unnecessary hassle and stress that mars some people’s moves, by running some reference checks before arranging any estimates.
Failing to Purge While You Pack

This is one of the most common moving sins people tend to commit: not getting rid of all the things you don’t want or need before you start to pack. Again, this is usually caused by time constraints. However, if you fail to carry out a good pre-move purge, you’ll wind up taking more time to get everything packed and organised in time for moving day. As soon as you set a moving date, start going through the whole house, assessing everything you own, and deciding whether or not you really want to bring it with you. You’ll be surprised at the amount of things you’ll want to shed! Furthermore, by selling some of your stuff before the move, you can mitigate the cost of the whole thing.

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DDJ RX 4-Channel Rekordbox DJ Controller

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