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When a Married Man Falls in Love with Another Woman

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Yes, it does happen… I have worked as a private relationship expert and life coach to the rich and famous for many years, I know everything YOU need to know about this subject.

What the married man does about falling in love with a woman who is not his wife will depend very much on his personality and the situation he is in.  It will also depend on why he was cheating on his wife and seeing another woman in the first place.  You can take 500 married men who fall in love with another woman and you will have 500 different outcomes and thoughts, so we have to generalize.

If a married man is constantly being unfaithful to his wife or looking to then he is just a player and probably should not be married. It makes you wonder marriage: is there any point? When the man is a player who should really be single and does not love his wife or value monogamy then it would be pointless for him to leave his wife for the other woman. For one thing, he has no idea of how and is too immature and lazy to make any relationship work as a committed serious long-term thing.  He may very well believe he is in love with this new woman but she is a passing fancy just the same as his wife was at one stage.  He may think he loves her simply because he finds her exciting or enjoys the sex, but that does not mean he is actually in love with her.  If he leaves his wife to be with the other woman,  which is very unlikely,  then the same pattern will probably repeat itself, with him becoming bored with the new relationship just as he did with his marriage,  and then he would be looking to cheat on this new person.   It is possible but very unlikely that it is true love or that he can remain interested in and faithful to this new woman.  If you are seeing such a married man then you are better off to enjoy it while it lasts and see it as a fun only short term thing or to walk away.

Every married man comes to a point where he asks himself should he divorce his partner.

When the man is truly unhappily married and was maybe tricked into marriage or forced into it somehow, and has a lot of genuine love to give to the woman he is seeing then things are different.  The problem with such married men is that they often get torn between love and obligations or love and familiarity and even if they long to leave their wife they rarely feel they are able to or can bring themselves to.  These men are fine to date if you like living alone and are independent and have a busy happy life in other ways,  and do not expect anything such as marriage or living together with this man. Presumably because he genuinely loves you and cares for you he will make sure he spends a lot of time with you, otherwise, I would not bother.  It may hurt but it may well be better to walk away and be alone or find someone more available then.

What we all want is to find the perfect partner. How to find the perfect woman is a bit of a cheek though if you are married. A woman who has a lot to offer will not bother with a married man.

When the man has been in his marriage for a long time and has reached an age where he needs to be reminded that he is handsome and sexy and where it is normal for boredom to set in after such a long time BEWARE.  These men are after someone to flatter their ego and give them great lovemaking and if they can be seen out with you they want to show off their trophy of a beautiful woman.  They may even want to show off to people that they have a secret life and another woman hidden away waiting for them.  But ask yourself what is in it for you?  If you are waiting for stolen moments and just there to give him excitement and making love seems very one-sided and how do you know that this man cares about you at all and is not just seeing you because it is convenient and easy and cheaper than paying a prostitute?  Surely the whole idea of this is lovemaking?

When a married man truly falls in love with another woman he wants to leave and be with her.  He does not try to fob her off with excuses or prefer being with his wife.  He may think his wife is nice and good company but he would never ever choose the wife over the woman he loves.  So look at the whole picture and why the man is married and there in the first place, look at his personality and whether or not he is an honest and decent person who thinks of other people as well as himself.

Married men who are unhappily married are two a penny, there are lots of them about.  Many of them try to date single women others try to date married women. The grown-up responsible thing to do would be to make a decision about their marriage and either make it work or walk away from it.  Very few women are going to bother to make do with being a bit on the side.

The married man who has drifted apart from his wife and now falls in love with another woman and truly wants to be with her properly and is willing to make that happen will have a lot to do.  He has to walk away from a life he may have been living for many years, it may mean disruptions at work or with his family or not seeing his children so much, it may mean arguments with friends and it may mean financial or material loss.   But he would be willing to do that to be with the woman he loves.  When a single man asks a woman to live with him he gives up nothing other than loneliness, when a married man says it and means it he is sacrificing a great deal, which proves that he loves his woman and he is worth the efforts and heartaches that happen when sorting such a situation out.

Most married men prefer to have a single girlfriend.  Some prefer to have a married girlfriend.  If you are a married man who is seeking a girlfriend you need to know why married men prefer single women.  Let us be totally honest here,  most married men are seeking a girlfriend for sex.  He can probably escape from his wife and work one evening a week at the most.  What is the point of this if the girlfriend can only get away from her husband and other things once a week and it cannot be at the same you are free?  Or you are lucky and she can manage it when you can but you want to see someone more than once a week?

Sometimes it is better for the married man to find a married girlfriend, at least she will not be nagging him to leave his wife.  Married women who are unhappily married have a lot to offer but their man snag is probably that they are usually too busy with their husband to meet up very often.

Some married men are in a situation where it is not practical or easy to leave yet they do love their mistress.  If the mistress can be happy with that fine, but most are not.  Usually, these men dream of finding a married woman who is in a similar situation to them,  they think to themselves if only they could find a married woman who is staying with her husband but meets them for sex and excitement.  It does not occur to them that the woman would probably leave her husband if she is bored with him, rather than cheating on him or that the woman could find a single man who is more available for her fun.  The idea of two married people leaning on each other for friendship, support, and fun sounds great but it rarely works as usually one can get more and goes off for more after a bit, and that is usually the woman.  Even when both people are married the woman has a lot of options available to her that the married man does not have… she could work as an escort if she is into casual loveless sex,   she could find a younger good looking single man who is available when it suits her rather than waiting until the married man has a free evening or day.   If she is after casual sex she is unlikely to bother with a man who can only meet her once a fortnight or so, it rather defeats the object, and to take risks with her husband finding out too would probably mean she would not bother. Anyway, if it is just sex or short term are affairs worth it? Affairs can be fantastic or give you a lot of heartaches.

It is no good just being in love with this woman you need to be able to seduce her so that she says yes.  How to seduce a woman is the first thing you need to know.  You also need to know how to turn on a woman.

Let us assume you are a married man and you have managed to get this woman interested, which is quite a feat as most women are not interested in married men.  Now you need to know how to get a woman into bed.

Now ask yourself if what is going on here is love or lust. Love would mean you genuinely care about the person and want what is best for them, even if it means you walking away from them for their own good.  Lust is when you are just thinking about how much you want to be with them and make love with them.  If lovemaking is the main thing to you need to know how to get a woman to do it with you.

Married men who want to find a lover can join dating agencies that are especially for married people seeking a lover.  Usually, these agencies charge the men a monthly fee to be a member and allow women to join and be members totally free of charge… this is because very few women would be interested in dating a married man even if they are married themselves. Even with the free membership for women, there are always a lot more males joining than females.  You have to ask yourself what sort of woman would bother to join a dating agency in the hope of meeting a man who is married, especially when it is easy to get such a man in the real World without joining an agency first.  The answer is a mixture of single mums who are desperate for a man to buy them a meal and a box of chocolates or help them pay their bills,  old ladies who have lost their looks and cannot get a single man and prostitutes.  If you are a married man and you are joining such an agency in the hope of free casual sex then dream on, life is not that convenient or simple and women are not always that desperate or silly! A man caught in a lonely marriage which he cannot leave might find a married woman in a similar situation if he looks long and hard.  Then he has to be pleased that he has found her rather than getting upset that he is trapped in a marriage that does not work and cannot be with her permanently. If you are the other woman you need to know the benefits of being the other woman. If you are determined to end up with him properly you need to know how to get a man to marry you.  

This really makes you realize that it is best not to fall in love in the first place.

Married men who love their girlfriends have a very big decision to make. Do they stay with the wife or leave to be with the girlfriend? If they leave the wife will that cause a lot of upset and problems? If they stay with the wife will the girlfriend dump him or cause him problems? Women who love married men usually end up dumping them.  When they are in love with a married man they try very hard to compromise and sacrifice to make it work but in the end, they usually decide they are getting far too little and giving far too much.

There is a knack to being married and being happy too.  How to be happily married forever is the key.  It is a lot better than getting married, becoming bored or unhappy and cheating.

One way or the other, no matter how much fun or love is involved, there may come a time when you think it is best to end this relationship.  Either because it is too complicated and you are fed up with the problems and limitations, or because the other person is too demanding, or the novelty has worn off.  How to dump your lover.

About Author
Alex Wise is a dating consultant and blog contributor for Loveawake dating site. He has been covering online dating, relationships, online and marriage niche since 2008. He loves sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people to bring their dreams into reality.

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Join | $20 Amazon Gift Card & "A Candle For My Mother" Giveaway!

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Lorraine’s stories in the book are told in her own words from tape recordings she made before she died, and letters saved by a friend, detailing Lorraine’s family’s amazing experiences in Iraq and travels in Europe. Into the bubbling political cauldron of the Middle East in the 1950s ventured an American family. Iraq was not necessarily what Lorraine had in mind, but the country first exotic to a tee. It conjured up “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,” markets filled with silks and gold, and travel in Europe on vacations. Lorraine was about to embark on a grand adventure.

Pamela Newton never felt closer to her mom than when she was traveling, sometimes logging over 100,000 miles a year: “Mom’s adventurous spirit was with me on every trip, in every country, encouraging me to make the most of each moment.” The things that Pamela experienced on her business trips often triggered a remembrance of her mother and her childhood. Those memories became the reflections and gratitude's that Pamela expresses at the end of each chapter when visiting churches across the globe to light candles for her mother, a tradition she began in Westminster Abbey.

For readers who may be reminded of exciting memories from their childhood, A Candle for My Mother has been designed with pages interspersed throughout for writing personal reflections. Here a son or daughter can add their favorite pictures, recount “Best Day Ever” times, write a thank you to their mom, or include poems, musings, or thoughts. It is designed to be a gift to oneself or one’s mom. Read it, write in it and then give it to your mother…with gratitude.

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Your Guide To Working Full Time And Studying For A New Career

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Full-time work can be exhausting! In fact, sometimes it is all can do to cook a half decent meal and tidy up when we get through the door at the end of a long day! Sadly, as the majority of us that want to make a career change have to do so while in full-time work, it can make studying and training for that new job all the hardener. Luckily, there are some excellent tips on how to survive studying for a career change while working full time. Read on to find out what they are.

Schedule your time.

The first thing that you will need to do when working full time and studying for a career change is to learn all about scheduling your time. After all, we all have the same 24-hours in the day, but until now you may have been used to not doing too much in the 16 outside of work except relaxing and sleeping.

However, at least some of that portion of your time will need to be dedicated to studying from now on and to help you do that on a regular basis it is super useful to learn of how to schedule your time realistically.

To help you win this it is vital that you get hold of the assignment due dates for all of your work, and then work back from these to derive the time into editing, working, planning, and research sections. Leaving enough time for each will help to ensure your work isn't rushed and you aren't as stressed, maximizing your grades and your ability to function well in day to day life.

Find a convenient course.

Next, remember that how you choose to do your course can make a massive difference to whether your study time is easy or hard. For example, you may pick night school classes which means you can fit your course attendance in around your full-time shifts.

Find a study course that fits around your other commitments.

Alternatively, it can be a good idea to choose course like this online MSN program that you can access from your own home. Then you won't have to travel to a learning center, and you can study whenever you have a few minutes spare, something that makes it much more convenient than the other options.

Of course, there are also career training courses that are condensed into a shorter space of time such as a few weeks which then can be delivered in one go, or across many weekends. The advantages of these are that you can still fit in your study around your current job, but it does mean that you end up using vacation to attend, or if they are the weekends it can eat into family time.

Try to balance your breaks.

Talking of family time, many career changers out there that have family responsibilities as a well as financial ones. This can make it pretty tough to study for a career change as well because it is an activity that is using up time usually spent with the family.

Of course, the solution to this is to be as balanced with breaks as possible. What this means is that you schedule enough break and family time alongside your study so you can fulfill all your responsibilities.

It is also essential to ensure that you get at least a little time for yourself to relax as well. Otherwise, it can be effortless to get stressed and burnout, something that is bad for you, your study, and your work!

Remember it's a marathon, not a sprint!

Last, of all, it is hugely important to bear in mind that studying for a new career while working full time in your old one is a task that needs to be approached like a marathon, not a sprint.

What this means is that yes, it may take you a little longer than those folks that have all day every day to devote to their learning. However that doesn't mean that it can't be achieved, you need to learn to pace yourself and keep focused on each of the tasks that are right ahead of you and get through that one, rather than letting the whole thing sap your motivation and overwhelm you.

Just keep in mind that achieving your career change dreams are possible! It's just a matter of maintaining your motivation over a more extended space of time. Luckily, all you have to do to manage this is to is get organized beforehand, and allow yourself breaks to fulfill your responsibilities to your family and yourself, and you will get there and achieve your goals.

Achieve Online Study Success

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More and more people are embracing online courses today, and it is not difficult to see why. Not only are online training courses incredibly convenient, but also they enable people to achieve further qualifications while in their current job. You do not need to pack your bags and go to university; you can fit in studying with your current life. However, if you are going to study online successfully, you need to follow the tips provided below.
Put together a study schedule – There is only one place to begin, and this is with establishing a study schedule. If you simply state you are going to study whenever you have the free time to do so, you will find that you spend barely ay time studying. Instead, you need to make sure that you create a weekly schedule so that you can allocate numerous study sessions throughout the week. Online studying needs to become a habit. If you do not study regularly, you will only find each session a challenge while you familiarise yourself with what you learnt the week or so before.
Familiarise yourself with the full curriculum beforehand, including any exam dates – No matter whether you are taking an Accountancy BA course or a Master of Public Safety online, you need to take the time to find out the curriculum, study schedule, and exam schedule. This will give you a good understanding of what is going to be included and how much time you are going to need to dedicate. Moreover, if you are going to be holding a job down while you are studying, you may want to book some days off work on the exam date and the day before so you can prepare properly.
Connect with others that are doing the same course – You should look to connect with other people online that are taking the same course as you. There are likely to be forums for your course and you can connect with people on social media. It always helps to talk to someone that is experiencing the same struggles that you are, and you can help each other out.
Embrace different learning methods – There are so many different revision and learning methods you can use today. This includes everything from watching videos to recording your own audio and listening to it in bed to making notes and answering past papers. Use a variety of study methods to keep things interesting and enhance the effectiveness of your study sessions.
Hopefully, you now feel more prepared for taking an online course. No matter what type of course you are taking, while there are a lot of benefits associated with online study, you are also completely responsible for your learning and revision. This highlights why you need to have a careful and considered approach to taking an online training course. If you follow the steps provided above, you should find it easier.

A Review on How to Select the Best Karaoke Machine that is Destined for You

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If you do not have any experience in terms of purchasing karaoke machines, then you will not have any idea on how to choose the best karaoke machine there is in the market. There are other cheaper items that are not that good in terms of features and quality. They may be good for a certain period of time, but they are not going to make you drool. Here are some tips for finding the perfect karaoke machine for you.

You may be able to witness tons of karaoke machines that brag in terms of their song capacity, and it is true that more songs are better than few playlists. But the best karaoke machines available in the market are upgrade-ready so you can incorporate all the songs that you are eyeing in the future. So do not just be amazed by a karaoke system that boasts of thousands of songs. Instead, look for a karaoke machine that will give you the freedom to add your songs. You should be able to get your money’s worth on quality machine that possesses more whistles and bells than that.

You may also want a machine that features a video, but what type of video should you ask for? Some karaoke machine showcases general dance video, and that can bring you loads of fun, so if you want a lively dance craze while singing, get that. 

Another feature that you may want to look at is the capability of recording what you are doing and a playback feature together with the song or on top of another song. This is considered to be a game changer because you can videotape yourself while singing. It can basically immortalize the life of the machine and it is one of the many things to mull over.

Lastly, you might want to sing with a microphone that is user-friendly. A one that is comfortable to hold. Wait, does this sound funny? It basically is not. The whole experience your visitors are going to have is the weight and shape of the microphone. Like how it feels while singing, and if it makes them feel like a total performer. A lightweight plastic microphone is not the type. But a microphone that is professional looking will get the feel of a professional.

So these are basically some of the parameters to consider with the best karaoke machines available on the market. The most effective way to do is to go to electronics shops and try several karaoke machines. Then, look for your desired machine on the internet which also sells the same thing. After that, you can surf the internet and try to canvass several items so that it will be easier for you to compare and contrast each machine. This will help you arrive not only with the best deal but also with the most efficient system to get your money’s worth.