Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Join | Fashion Chalet's Bag Giveaway

Good day everyone! 
I am joining a giveaway which I would like to share to all of  you.
For me, this is one of the awesomest giveaway that hopefully I will win it!
Well, one of the fashion bloggers that I follow, Fashion Chalet / Erika Marie is having a Balenciaga bag giveaway!

The prize at stake is a  Balenciaga Day Hobo in Coquelicot Red worth $1,395 or almost 55,800 in Philippine Peso. Wow that really made me freak out! I haven't own a bag that expensive except for the hand me down Louis Vuitton bag which costs around $400 now. Usually my bag just cost around $10-$30 so if I win this lovely Balenciaga bag, I would definitely take good care of it and cherish it til I grow old. I don't think I would still have an opportunity to own such a lovely bag because my kids are my top most priority as a Stay at Home mom/Single Parent. I know every woman would want to have such a luxurious bag but I also know deserve this bag and I hope Fashion Chalet would pick me as winner. 
It would be the best mother's day gift or an advance birthday gift for me this 2013 that I will never ever forget.  

Well, you too, can have a chance to win this  Balenciaga Day Hobo bag!

Photo courtesy of Fashion Chalet

Visit Fashion Chalet's blog for the contest mechanics!
Good luck!

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