Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life is Beautiful- My Beauty Blog: SPECIAL GRATITUDE GIVEAWAY!

(for the rafflecopter, kindly click the link of Life is Beautiful blog :D)

hope you guys join the giveaway too.. like ME.  I posted here the blog post for full details. Good Luck to each one of us ayt?

Life is Beautiful- My Beauty Blog: SPECIAL GRATITUDE GIVEAWAY!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! 
Finally I am back in blogging and hopefully in filming too...

Anyway, I am here to announce that I am having a special giveaway (as the title says)
as a gratitude for all of your support in my blog and YouTube channel for the last 7 months.


I know that lately, I was not able to get in touch with all of you as I was before
due to my work and etc. However, I'll still try my best to update my blog and channel.
As well as, read my fellow blogger's post and videos to keep myself updated with them.

Big THANKS to the following people who used my code "JANNAH" in Beauty Cosmetics
 and to Ms. Rosenn, the owner of Beauty Cosmetics.
Just like what I've said, the prize for the BEAUTY COSMETICS TOP AFFILIATE
will be for my supporters.
So yeah...
 (drum roll)
 Back Dive with Half Twist!
Yes mga bakla/beki, lola, mudra, te!
 Here it is naaaa! Pak!!! :)

Aside from
20pc PRO Brush Set from Beauty Cosmetics Top Affiliate Prize,
I'll be adding more goodies like...
ELF Brightening Eyeliner in Black
ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine in Mauve Luxe
ELF Brightening Eye Color in Ethereal
which are from my ELF Haul from the Thriftshop Girl.
and Foot Smoothie Cooling Lotion with Blush
which I got when I purchased a sugar wax from Strip It.

Although I did not personally purchased every single prize on this giveaway,
I hope whoever the winner will still be able to appreciate them fully.
That is another point, I want to share some goodies that I won from past giveaways too.
And Hello! Let's not forget that makeup expires!
So instead of just keeping everything and stocking them up on my vanity,
I'd rather give it to the person who can use it more often and find it more useful than I could.


All you need to do to enter this giveway contest
is fill up the Rafflecopter Form.

Sidebar Code:
<a href=""><img src="" width="180" /></a>

Best of luck everyone!
Take care! :)


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