Wednesday, June 27, 2012

# AMIRA # Andres

Wordless Wednesday : Paper Hats

Yesterday, we got this paper bags from my mother's pasalubong.
And of course, my kids end up playing it and used it as a hat.
My son asked me to take pictures of them with different poses.
Here are their photos from my reliable camera phone.. :)

The "blehhh" look

The "smiling face" pose

The "pigil - smile" pose

The "Show my armpit" pose

The "pouty and okay sign" pose


  1. Cutie kids! :-)

    Followed you through GFC, It would mean so much if you could please follow mine,too!

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  2. thanks sis!
    followed you thru GFC too :)

  3. very funny and your kids are sweet:)