Photo Diary: May 28 - June 1, 2012

by - 6/02/2012 03:21:00 PM

This week has been an amazing and a blessed one. From Monday to Friday, I received packages from the giveaways I've joined in. Luckily, I won those giveaways. I felt it was my birthday for the whole week. hehehe.
Thank you Lord for the blessings I've received. I am looking forward to more prizes and gifts from you and to the sponsors/companies and to all the generous bloggers who continue to share their blessings through their giveaways. 
God bless you all! 
BTW, I will make a post soon of all the prizes I've won for the past two months since from the time I started joining giveaways, raffles and contests. 
I am still waiting for some of them to arrive this June. :D

So here are the packages/gifts/prizes I've received this week:


Dnee Bottle & Nipple Cleanser 960ml Jug 
Dnee Liquid Detergent 960ml Jug 
Dnee Shirt

HoshiGirl* : A Birthday Giveaway

$10 through Paypal
Hodge Podge Captain America Keychain 
Hodge Podge Flower Pots Keychain 
Monthly+Weekly Sticker (Black) Pastel sticky strips 
Assorted Earrings Set 
Travel Notebook 3 
Small Envelope Notebook 2 
Mirror Notebook 1

A Shoetale x Bench Giveaway

Homage EDT by Randy Ortiz for Kashieca


Copy-Kids Eat Fruit and Vegetables DVD

whazz bloggin you and me's First Irresistable Giveaway

Kangaroo Keeper Bag Organizer 
Under Bed Shoe Organizer Cute 
Animal Cord Winder 
Your Own Business - FM Fragrances Starter Kit 
Airmail Underwear Pack 
2 Cute Key Ballpens

Again, thank you all for holding those awesome giveaways. 
I hope all of you will be continually blessed by God.
Friends, you can visit too their blogs by clicking their names and check out
their sponsors also for announcement, great reviews and cool giveaways. Ciao!

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