Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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Free Blogger Opp: xBox One Giveaway


Feel Free To Sign up! 
(Get a Free Link With Announcement Post about the Giveaway)


Prize to be given away:

xBox One

Giveaway Info:

-1 FREE Links with announcement post (Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest)
Get your announcement here (or pay $5.00)
-Giveaway date:   June 2 - June 16, 2014
-Co-host $25.00
-10 Links (no google links)
-2 Co-host pages 
-Extra links $3.00 (no google links) up to 4 links
Send payment to melisurveys1978@gmail.com

If you have any question, please email me at nysavingspecials@gmail.com

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