TuneCore's 2013 Year-in Review

by - 2/11/2014 09:52:00 AM

TuneCore is an online music distribution service founded in 2005. TuneCore mainly offers musicians and other rights-holders the opportunity to place their music into online retailers such as Zune Marketplace, Rhapsody, eMusic, iTunes, AmazonMP3 and others for sale. Perfect for aspiring musicians who wants to go mainstream.
And as one of the biggest indie music distributors in the world, is TuneCore the company right for you?
Check out the infographic below about their artists' milestones last year of 2013.

TuneCore is committed to enhanced product development and rapid growth for their distribution and publishing administration products, bringing more value to their artists. They will continue to explore and add channels where artists can monetize their music and maximize their revenue opportunities.
Watch out for their expansion and support their artists by visiting TuneCore now.

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