grbe.. tpus na product training!!!

by - 11/06/2005 11:04:00 AM

this week was a very tough one.. Image no need to further explain that one.. we had our Earthlink Finals last Tues. aw! Image i only got 74/92 which was the passing score. Whew!Image  I really only got 73 but there was a consideration made so one point was added to my final score.. hahaha. Image so much for being so lucky that day. Next day, that was wednesday was a make or break for all of us. We had our West Finals which was 75 items. (scary!)Image  i never really studied the exams and just spent my day sleeping the whole day.. i just listened during our review and that's it.. hehehe so bad of me.. but yeah, it paid of.. i passed the exam and got 73. hurray! Image well, some of us didn't pass but they were given a chance to pass.. and they DID it! all of us passed the training! they did celebrate the day.. Image as for me.. super takas na ako.. im the only one who didn't came. we also had our chance to listen to live calls.. we did some wirejacking.. (is my spelling correct? damn) and we had most of our time chatting with our jabber.. (some sort of im, but this one is used for business purposes only.) well, ayun bastusan sa chat room. we were even hiding our identities in the room. kulit tlga. Image un na nga un pampagising namin when we feel sleepy. aw. speaking of sleepy. super sleepy tlga ako nun fri. haha. my seatmate was even shouting, "one agent down.. yadi yadi ya"  hmmm. we are now on our BABM training. last day na nmin sa monday. its about upselling earthlink's product. we'll be talking live calls din sa monday with upselling na. takot na ako. Image after nun sa tues, production floor na kmi.. aw. i just hope we all survive there. hihi. Image i just hope this coming week we'll be great.. nah.. especially with my pay.. haha. Image i still have to get my pre-employment med exam, my badge, my discrepancy with my last pay.. aw... malas ko ata tlga. Image hihi. maybe i dadaan ko nlng sha sa pagdadaydream Image lolz. super busy na tlga life ko. pati ang bebi ko. busy na den.. huhuhu. good luck to us nlng...

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