Sandugo Surprise

by - 4/20/2012 05:15:00 PM

Aside from receiving my package from Paperdoll Shoppe yesterday, a plastic bag caught my attention near our stairs... To my surprise, it was three boxes of Sandugo Slippers/ Flipflops.

The family that wears Sandugo, stays together. LOL.

My flip flops but this was supposedly for my Mama but gave it to me instead since I slipped last week and broke my old one. 

For our "bunso".

For the head of the family, Papadear.

This is my first time to own a Sandugo product. I must say I am impressed with their products... They are affordable, sturdy, anti-slip (of course, an advantage to a clumsy girl like me), highly recommended for outdoors and comfortable to wear. Lastly, they are PROUDLY PHILIPPINE made.


Where we started

Sandugo Adventure is a complete adventure specialist that provides products and services especially for outdoorsmen. It is operated by Khumbu Enterprises, a company based in Pasig City, owned by Mr. Job Faminialagao, a true to core mountaineer who started the whole business more than a decade ago.

Sandugo started with outdoor sandals products, built tough to last long hours of outdoor trekking, mountain climbing and any extreme activity. The use of these sandals range from land, dubbed as its playground, to water, its breeding ground. With the flexibility and reliability as well as comfort that it provides, Sandugo Adventure Sandals is truly the perfect footwear for any outdoorsman.

Sandugo Adventure since then has expanded its line products. Now with its launch of the Sandugo Adventure Packs: backpacks and bags which are also built with the same expertise as its sandals, Sandugo begins to develop itself as a total adventure products provider. And not for long, it will soon be introducing more line of products to the market, also specializing in outdoor and adventure equipment.
Sandugo has also expanded to providing extreme adventure services, which is called the Sandugo Adventure Specialist. The services includes adventure course set-up and rigging, team building activities, race planning, and adventure tower set-ups.

These services are well-planned and developed by professional outdoorsmen themselves, and its team of technicians consists of highly qualified and expertly trained people. Not only that, Sandugo uses only the best equipment for these services, complying with international standards to ensure the safety of the people who trust their life to the Sandugo Team.

Our Brief History

The Mangyans of Southern Mindoro, locally known as Sandugos are famous for their extreme toughness and expertise in the mountains. This inspired Job Faminialagao to establish a venture of outdoor sandals that he called SandugoSANDUGO also means One Blood, One Brother, One Family. This is the way of thinking of Sandugo Adventure. Everything in harmony with one another: the Sandugo in harmony with nature, the place of the outdoorsman, this is their playground, this is the place they call home.

As a mountaineer, Job, or Dodoy as he is fondly called, saw the importance of outdoor sandals based from his experience. He was disappointed from the many brands that he tried during his mountain climbing adventures, and most of his mountaineering friends were disappointed as well. Dodoy saw the need for better outdoor sandals. He started to create his own sandals, designing them to fit the purpose that they needed.

In 1994, he tried selling the sandals to his friends in the mountaineering community. He has not stopped ever since. The business which originally started as a hobby gained its reputation among his circle of friends in the mountaineering community and eventually grew through word of mouth.

Still not resting on his laurels, Dodoy had the strong determination to develop the product and add more designs and features engineered for people who love the outdoors and any water activity. With his strong business sense and persistence, Sandugo reaped a lot of praise. As many people saw the performance of his tough outdoor sandals, the market grew bigger. Furthermore, it was able to penetrate even those who are not engaged in sports but just wanted to have a Sandugo.

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