D-Nee Liquid Detergent For Babies

by - 7/01/2012 07:05:00 PM

Last May, I was lucky to win a D-Nee gift pack from a giveaway hosted by Mommy Chris of The Mommy Journey. Yey!

It was actually the heaviest package I've won from a giveaway. 
It really made me feel excited to open it.

Gift Pack includes:
Dnee Bottle & Nipple Cleanser 960ml Jug
Dnee Liquid Detergent 960ml Jug
Dnee Shirt

D-Nee is a brand of infant and toddler care products that are guaranteed all natural and chemical-free. Its ingredients, composition, and fragrance have been laboratory tested and certified to be safe and non-irritant. Because of its 'child-friendly' formulation, D-Nee is currently the leading brand in Thailand and has been the preferred brand of choice for moms in over ten years. It is manufactured by Bio Consumer Co. Ltd., and the brand is currently being exported to other ASEAN countries as well.

D-nee Baby Liquid Detergent is PH-neutral so it’s gentle on baby’s clothes and prolongs its life from washing. D-nee contains surfactant which is biodegradable. It has no dyes, no optical brighteners, no fabric softener, and no bleach. The detergent is also ideal for washing intimate wear and clothes with delicate materials.

D-nee Mild Bottle & Nipple Liquid Cleanser contains natural ingredients like biodegradable cleaning agent Lauryl Polyglucose – synthesized from wheat, corn, potato, cucumber, and coconut oil. D-nee is safe to use in washing baby bottles and nipples, and helps remove stain and grease, leaving no residue.

I forgot to take pictures of the two products, D-nee Mild Bottle & Nipple Liquid Cleanser since my kids are not already being bottle fed. 

Trying out D-Nee liquid detergent for my kids. 

I put my kids' clothes on the washing machine.

Getting ready!

Then, I poured 3-4 bottle cap size of D-Nee liquid detergent.

My Verdict:

I've actually used the D-Nee liquid detergent for 9-10 times, that's almost two months of usage since I only use 1 bucket for my kids' clothes.
It made look forward to washing my kids' clothes more often. Simply because I love the fragrant scent of the detergent which is not overpowering. The scent is light and perfect for babies and kids. The clothes are definitely smooth to touch. No need for a fabric conditioner. Using D-Nee made me feel that my kids are being taken cared of very well and is made from natural ingredients.

Highly recommended for babies! I give it a two thumbs up!  :)

 As parents, we always want the best for our children. We want products that are organic and safe for our babies' skin and their whole well-being. For those who want something natural, check out Kokopax to find some natural baby detergent.

D-nee Baby products are currently available at the following outlets:
 • Baby & Beyond San Juan
 • Crossings Department Store Quezon City
 • Gaisano Mall of Davao
 • Kukuduckbill Market Market Taguig
 • International Freeport Traders Subic
 • Landmark Department Store Trinoma
 • Landmark Department Store Makati
 • Pioneer Centre Pasig

These D-nee products are also being sold online, through the
D-nee Facebook Fan Page! Customers can simply view the product gallery and ordering guidelines, and then click the Order Form to complete their purchase. Delivery is free within Metro Manila!

D-nee is exclusively distributed by Transaxion Unlimited (TXN), the company behind the leading Tipco 100% brand.

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  1. ang giveaway na hindi ko masalihan. open tometro manila residents lang kasi. congrats!

  2. thanks sis! :) sayang naman. malay mo magdeliver na rin sila sa luzon, visayas and mindanao :)

  3. antaray mo sis hehe! bongga sa bango siguro nyan! ang galing naman may review ka pa ng paglalaba! congrats!

  4. hahaha.. tunay na labadera sis kaya naki-review na :))

  5. All kinds of detergent shouldn't be perfect for kids cloth. I think smelling laundry detergent should be perfect for baby cloth.