My Plans for my son's 7th Birthday

by - 10/23/2013 04:30:00 PM

"This is my official entry to Bebengisms' Wooden Kiddie Stools Giveaway"

4 months to go and my son will be turning 7 on March 2014.
We never had a "bongga" birthday celebration for my kids since I am a SAHM and we depend on my parents' for our needs.
On the other hand, the monthly allowance that my children receives from their father is just enough to pay for the school service, grocery for their baon and some school expenses.
That's why I am slowly but surely makes "lambing" to my mother/ their lola to let my son have his 7th Birthday at either Jollibee, Mc Do or KFC. (which I hope will happen.)

As of now, the plans that are almost confirmed is :
1. A birthday party at his school.
2. His father was kind enough to provide the food for his classmates and teachers.
3. I have a 500 GC from Red Ribbon which I can use for his cake.
.4. I have won in a giveaway, a birthday package prize consisting of :

1. A Newborn, Baby, Pre-birthday or Kiddie Party Photo Shoot Package from K Snaps.
2. DIY Party in a Box Custom Design Package from Embellished Design Studio.
25 pieces – 4″x6″ Flat Card Invitations with Regular Envelopes and Square sticker sealer
25 pieces – Round Cupcake Toppers
20 pieces – Bunting Banner
25 pieces – Thank you Tags
20 pieces – Pillow Boxes for favors
3. 30% Discount Coupon on Candy Buffet Packages from Sweet Royals.

Well, I can decide later on whether to use them on his birthday party at school or at a different venue.
Aside from hoping and praying to God that my mother will give my son a great birthday bash to remember, 
I am also thinking of what to give as a loot bag/ souvenir for his classmates or guest on his party.
Good thing, my favorite mom blogger, Bebengisms is having a giveaway sponsored by Wooden Kiddie Stools and a lot more. I would love to win the first prize which is perfect for my son's 7th birthday party.
Want to know what is the first prize? *drum rolls please*

30 PIECES OF WOODEN BASKETS customized according to your party's theme and is redeemable within one year! Woohoo!

It is like perfect match, me looking for a nice giveaway/lootbag for kids and a giveaway with 30 wooden baskets! (There are 28 pupils in my son's class. Soooo perfect! Hehe.)
Hope to win it. :)

There you go.. Those are my plans for my son's birthday.
Hope I can make it all come true with God's help. But if not, a simple birthday celebration and a treat to the mall would just be great for my son.

Have a nice day to all!

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