Preserve Outdated Memories with Southtree

by - 7/01/2014 05:25:00 PM

Do you have old photos, albums, films, or tapes? 
If so, how would you like to turn them into digital keepsakes? 

Southtree is an online site that preserves outdated memories – tapes, film, photos, and audio – into digital keepsakes that are both usable and safe for future generations. Ordering online is easy and can be done in three simple steps. 

Southtree provides you with a unique barcoded order sheet with easy to follow mailing instructions. Just pack your memories, ship and when completed you will receive your originals back plus new digital copies. Don’t worry Southtree because provides status updates where you can keep track of your order online anytime. Guaranteed safe and secured transaction with Southtree.
Transfer your memories now and enjoy those family memories for the years to come!

Here's some good news you can get 25% off on any order when you use the code: blog25 
Offer expires until 7/15/2014 only.
Order now and don't miss out on this great promo!
Enjoy Shopping!

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