What Your Hair Says About Your Style

by - 6/06/2015 12:59:00 AM

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Did you know that your signature hair style actually says a lot about your personality? According to Madison Reed's Color Crew, a team of certified colorists and professional stylists, certain styles convey that you're a dreamer, while others that you're detail-oriented or have a confident attitude. 

Who knew? Well, the experts at Madison Reed, of course. 

Here are a few popular styles, what they exemplify, and how (if you're feeling adventurous) you can take your style to a new level.

The Short Cut - A short haircut says poise and self-confidence. It's both no-frills and elegant. It's avant-garde and classic. Short hairstyles can complement both a fashion-forward twenty-something, as well a refined, classy woman.

How to take it up a notch

If you usually wear your hair sleek against the head, try tousling with a lightweight styling cream to create edgy texture. 

Curly Hair - When it comes to naturally curly hair, you understand one very important principle of personal style: If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Embracing your curly hair is a declaration to the world that you are confident and true to yourself. Whether you wear your curls short, medium, or long, you make it clear that you’re an original who knows a thing or two about personal style.

How to take it up a notch

Keep your curls touchable, soft and smooth with a finishing treatment that fights frizz. You can also maintain more volume by focusing shampoo at the roots and conditioner at the end when washing hair.

The Braid - If a braid is your go-to hairstyle, it shows that you balance attention to detail with an unaffected grace. A braid adds visual interest to hair, and can be worn simply or elaborately, depending on the occasion. 

How to take it up a notch

Keep your braid simple for a laid-back seventies look. Or, if you have medium to long hair, try something more intricate for a clean, modern twist. For example, tuck the end of a classic French braid underneath your hair at the nape and pin it into place to create a romantic hairstyle that complements sundresses and gowns alike.

Beach Waves - Loose curls and big waves are an instant call to an easy, breezy personality with a romantic spirit. If you wear your hair in this style, you’re a dreamer who sees infinite possibilities in your day-to-day experiences.

How to take it up a notch

Add an subtle upscale touch with a thin metallic headband to add a hint of modern shine amidst the bouncy waves.

Want more ideas or suggestions? Reach out to the Color Crew at Madison Reed. They love learning about your hair and signature style and have great insights for how to help you look your very best. You can also build your own Hair Profile at MadisonReed.com. 

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