The Haircut Guide from Madison Reed

by - 9/12/2015 06:11:00 AM

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Deciding on a new hair cut can make you ask a lot of questions: Should I get the gorgeous celeb hair style I saw in that magazine? What about that cute cut I saw on someone walking downtown? It can be tough to know what's going to work best for you. That's why the team at Madison Reed has come up with a handy haircut guide:

Consider all the Angles
It can often be tempting to make a big cut, especially when it's been a while and you're craving a shorter, fresher look. But make sure to consider all the styles you’ll be able to create with your new hair before you go for it, especially if you’re thinking of going really short. Keep in mind how your hair will fall if you try to curl or straighten it, whether or not the same tools will still work for you, or even if you could use fewer styling products.

Is it You?
Your personality can plays the biggest role choosing a new hair style. If you’re more reserved and have had the same look for a while, be sure to prepare yourself for the fabulous change a new cut can bring! If you're always up for an adventure, why not really go for it and try something out of your comfort zone? If you’re the artistic type or like to stand out from the crowd, then don’t be afraid to go for some asymmetry and experimentation.

A New Cut vs. a New Color 
Are you craving a new haircut, or do you just want something a little different? Changing up your hair color can sometimes have the same effect, without losing your gorgeous locks or signature style. Freshen things up with new highlights to emphasize your cheekbones and eyes, or choose a new color altogether. Want to find out which colors would look best with your skin tone? Get a free color consultation from Madison Reed's Color Advisor.

You can get personalized recommendations by building your Madison Reed Hair Profile or giving the Color Crew a call. Someone at Madison Reed is always available to hear your personal hair history and will tailor suggestions to suit your hair and style. And be sure to check out Madison Reed's Blogpost for even more haircut advice. 

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