Bavaria Premium is now here in the Philippines!

by - 11/27/2015 11:10:00 PM

Bavaria has been brewing its own taste of beer for over 300 years. That makes it 7
generations of perfecting quality beer brewed by using the finest mineral water from their
own spring. Bavaria is focused on following its family traditions of brewing high quality
beers for the present and future generations to come. It prides in brewing its finest pilsner
since 1719 and introducing the first truly alcohol-free beer in 1978. With a deep and rich
history, the company wants to share their precious creations to the world.  

Here in the Philippines, we introduce Bavaria Premium as our flagship product 
from the Bavaria product line-up. It is a classic pilsner perfect for the classic Filipino. A
perfect night cap after a long day. It has a profile of a premium and clear lager where you
will experience the taste of a real beer: premium malts, hops, and the freshest spring water
from Holland. Refreshing and light, this beer will make you feel like you’re bathing in the
fresh water springs of Bavaria. Bavaria Premium is coming your way and is now available
in 7-11 outlets near you. 

Other Bavaria products coming your way are the 8.6 and Bavaria 0.0% Malt Drink. 
8.6 which has an alcohol content of 8.6% (Thus the name) is a strong and edgy blonde ale
that will make you feel a special buzz from a special brew. For those who are looking for a
more wholesome night, we will be launching the first ever Bavaria 0.0% Malt Drink that
comes in 3 flavors: Original, Peach, and Pomegranate. An alcohol-free alternative great for 
any party. 

Each of these variants has its own Bavarian twist, so watch out for these and 
experience Bavaria soon in establishments near you! Be Bold, Be Bavaria.

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