Buying the Right Flute

by - 2/08/2016 07:54:00 PM

Looking for your first flute? Well, there are some things that you might want to consider. The variety of  how it was made and its model type can be intimidating to new users, and it’s not always easy to work out which instrument will suit your needs. That’s why let me share a few tips to help you decide in buying the right flute for you.

1. Brand

I think most of us look towards the leading brands whenever we buy something. We go for its high quality even though it can be expensive but then you may opt to choose budget friendly brands for starters.

2. Price

Aside from the brand, one of the things we consider whenever we buy something is the price. We should first inquire how much is a flute and check if its budget friendly and worth the money.

3. Straight or Curved

Choosing a flute with a straight or curved head joint  depends on the size of the flute user. A standard flute comes with a straight head joint, meaning the keys are further away from the lip plate. On the other hand,  a curved head joint for the flute reduces the distance between the lip plate and the keys, resolving the problems of not being able to support the flute correctly and over-stretching. But anyhow, you can purchase a flute with both head joints instead. Buying one can be an advantage because it means the instrument will last the student longer, and reduce the cost of upgrading as the student grows.

4. Metal or Plastic

Flutes are most commonly made out of metal, often silver-plated brass. Plastic flute on the other hand is specially designed for beginners. It is light, water resistant and durable. Although if you want your flute to last a long time, I suggest you still go for the metal flute.

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