Online Dating Safety Tips

by - 4/21/2016 11:19:00 PM

Over the years, dating practices have changed. When I was still hooked to online chatting via IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and Yahoo! Messenger, it was a lot more easier to make friends and meet up with them. I remember one of the things that I do whenever I will see someone is to bring a companion with me and set a public place for our meet up. 
Now, you have to be more cautious not only when giving out your personal details but also when meeting them in person. Because nowadays, we hear stories about rape, robbery and even murder that is related to dating app/site. You can't just give a stranger access to you at any cost. Remember, not everyone needs to know everything. 
Anyhow, I don't intend to put you off of online dating. In fact, there's nothing wrong making friends online because I have a few good friends that I met via online. I'm telling you they are more closer to me than those I met in school or in the office. Well, let me offer you a new way to be safe when dating online. 
DateScan, a new app that aims to make online dating safer. The app has lots of features that will maximize your use of dating applications without having to worry much of feeling unsafe. 

Here's some of the features that DateScan app has:

  • Fake Call - If you meeting someone and things are not going well, you don't have a companion with you and want out. This feature can help you get out of the situation faster.
  • Photo Upload - No need to worry of losing your photo, audio, comments etc. that you can probably use for reference or evidence. With DateScan, it automatically saves on their server so even if your attacker destroys the phone it will still be retrieved.
  • Emergency Contact - With this feature, no need to memorize or input your important contacts or government assistance numbers. DateScan provides a one click access at all times to your contacts if ever you will need them.

Other features are  Safe-Trip, Dynamic 911, Offender Search, Siren, Geo Location, Daily Journal, Audio Upload, Your Information, Important Numbers, Private Cloud and many more.

Remember, it's not enough to be "smart" about online dating. You always need to remind yourself that you know nothing about the people you're meeting. They could be telling the truth or lying about everything they say to you. So, why don't you try DateScan and start doing online dating the safer way. 

Signing up is easy and verifications are made in order to protect you. Using DateScan assures you that there's no way spies or hackers can access your information, since your data is stored away in the cloud. 

The DateScan app is dedicated to provide people a more secure sense of safety when meeting someone new. Download it now from the Apple Store and coming soon to Android users via Google Play.

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