Apogee JAM 96k : Simplicity at its finest!

by - 9/06/2016 01:48:00 AM

Want to play your guitar wherever and whenever? I found out a new device for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Mac that I am sure you music lovers will love!

Try out Apogee Jam 96k, a Digital Guitar Interface which can capture the richness and detail of your guitar’s tone with digital purity using one simple device rhat you can take anywhere. Use it whether you’re at home, on-the-go, or in the recording studio. 

Apogee JAM 96k is very easy to setup and use. It works very well with iOS applications like AmpKit, AmpliTube, JamUp, Logic and Garage Band. It is compact, lightweight and has clear sound. It is also safe to use because there is no battery change or prone to leakage since it is powered through your iOS device. No frivolous knobs and level controls. Worth the money spent when you buy this device. Definitely simplicity at its finest!

Create a transparent and super clean recording now using your favorite iOS device with Apogee JAM 96k! For the beginner or the most seasoned guitar player, JAM delivers inspiring tone for practicing, recording or just jamming. Get one now!

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