Square Truss For Stage Set Ups

by - 11/20/2016 09:13:00 PM

Everything's all set for your performance or concert on stage. Mic, instruments, band and the set is ready now. Don't forget that one of the factors for a great stage is having the best lights and sounds installed and the stage set up.

You might one to consider on buying square truss from Global Truss which are made in high quality, aluminum and steel general purpose lighting and stage trussing designed for theaters, nightclubs, live stages and many more.

Global Truss products are known for safety, functionality, reliability, and attractive. They are easy to set up, lightweight and inexpensive. Their square truss is easy to connect with its bases, corner junctions, and other straight segments.

The next time you're deciding where your lights should be put aside from hanging it or let it stand on a corner. Try out the square truss for a better way of supporting your equipment in the air.

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