Amplify Your Music With Egnater Rebel-30

by - 12/24/2016 10:31:00 PM

Best present you can give this Christmas for those who loves to play music will be this amplifier from Egnater Rebel 30 Tube Amp Head. It is actually a descendant of Rebel-20 Guitar Amp Head, an award-winning amp known for its tone-shaping power and flexibility. 

It features Egnater's unique Tube Mix knob, which gives access to an incredible variety of tones from American to British, and all points in between. Channel 1 delivers rich cleans with controls for volume, treble, and bass. Channel 2 dishes out powerful, touch-responsive overdrive with treble, mid, and bass EQ, as well as a wide-range gain knob that takes you from growl to scream. 

It also offers their signature Bright and Tight switches. The Egnater Rebel 30 is more easy to use, has an accessible back panel, and more good features like independent Reverb controls, tone-preserving effects, standby switch to Silent Record and better chassis for swapping amp tubes painless and fast.

Make a good choice by getting this Egnater Rebel 30 to amplify your music!

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