How Effective Is Online Marketing For Philippine Real Estate?

by - 2/26/2017 12:32:00 AM

Top property portal Lamudi Philippines bares why online marketing is one of the best trends in the local real estate scene.

MANILA, February 24, 2017: Changes is continuously coming due to the never-ending   evolution of technology. This is particularly true in some industries that have successfully adapted in the current global business landscape.

For real estate, many licensed professionals are taking advantage of the World Wide Web to reach their target market. Gone were the days where you only have to rely on the people that you know and those you meet on the streets to promote what you offer. With the advent of social media platforms you can instantly reach almost two million possible clients with just a few clicks away.

Lamudi Philippines, a leading real estate website and an expert on online real estate marketing, shares the reasons why many real estate professionals claims that online marketing is now the way to go.

Wider Reach and Limitless Possibilities

According to 43.5% or almost half of the Philippine population are using the Internet. Imagine being able to tap even just a fraction of that number. Fortunately, there is just so much that you can do online to get the attention of Internet users. Some of the most effective tools like clear and crisps photos, short but engaging videos, and now virtual reality are just some of technology-enhanced gears that you can harness to capture your market.

One best example is the magnified effect of word-of-mouth advertising. For instance, a nice new place complete with residential and leisure components that becomes an instant hit to social media users can effectively help a rising condo in that area. Shares will just pour in and you will just ride the hype and count your sales.

Harold Geronimo, AVP and Head of Public Relations and External Affairs of property giant Megaworld Corporation, shared that his company is now recognizing the evolution of the market. From heavily banking on various traditional advertising methods, the shift to more portable, more real-time and fast-paced approach to reaching your target audience is gaining importance. Because of this, different online promotion techniques such as social media channels, blogs and websites have become an integral part of Megaworld’s marketing mix.

Mr. Geronimo also emphasized that the fastest and cost-efficient way to distribute content is through social media. “Almost all segments of consumers in the Philippines are on social media and we want to be where our target markets are. With the growing competition of real estate in the country we are utilizing the online space to spread our creativity and be ahead of other companies,” he stressed.

Lamudi also interviewed Pinnacle Real Estate Consulting Services Inc., one of the top property management and brokerage services providers in the country, and they stressed that digital marketing is now considered one of the best ways to advertise as this provides a wider reach and the fastest vehicle toward clients.

On the GO!

Posting listings or browsing for a dream home is just quick and easy. As Internet and technology become more mobile, the chance to find your next big sale or your first investment can be done simultaneously with other tasks. As Filipinos learn to value their time and resources more, people tend to rely on various applications, service-focused websites and other technology-assisted means of making life a tad easier.

Alejandro Mañalac, Executive Vice-President of Step Philippines, Inc., also revealed that digital marketing plays a big role in their day-to-day real estate operations. “Generating leads wherever and whenever really maximizes time and resources. Furthermore, upon receiving inquiries from our various campaigns, we are already equipped with the information that we can share instantly while the leads are hot, which means quicker response time,” Mr. Mañalac enthused.

Sales, Sales, and More Sales

The potential to earn a six-digit income monthly with just a few sales is the ultimate come-on spiel of successful real estate brokers. Mary Clair Dino, licensed real estate broker who freshly acquired her PRC license last year, is now very interested to give real estate platforms like Lamudi a go because of her experience in successfully closing sales using just Facebook (and without extensive training and very technical knowledge to do such). “I just posted pictures and shared the advantages of the properties and I successfully closed deals, then it occurred to me that there is more to Internet marketing,” shared Ms. Dino when asked why she is interested to subscribe on Lamudi.

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