“Mom, It's Okay” - Why You Should Allow Your Kids To Be Themselves

by - 4/18/2017 07:50:00 PM

The modern parenting is usually dictated by fear and there are always a few risks that seem to lie around every corner. Most of the common things parents watch out for in their kids include bullying kids, joining a bad crowd, antibiotic-resistant germs, unfair teachers or lurking pedophiles. Sometimes you think of taking them to school by yourself because they came home last evening with bruises, cuts or emotionally hurt. You tend to be overprotective of the kind of friends they should walk with, talk to or play with. There are many reasons why you should give your kids some space to decide other things on their own.

Most parents who are loving towards their children will always find it fairly easy to cope with their strengths and weaknesses whether they share them or not. Your kid could probably crumble in tears when they feel completely overwhelmed by their homework or can't face having a filling at the dentist. All they would want to do is to curl up and sob in a heap. It is important to allow them to do things their own way. As they go through life, they will be in a good position to give up on tough challenges quite happily. It is possible for adults to make themselves miserable by striving for something that they might never achieve in life.

If you have ever met any kind of challenge head on, it is most likely that your child is going through the same. It makes it easy to expect it from them without asking too much about the situation. However, you can always prevent them from going astray by giving examples of what is likely to happen if they take that path. As our kids grow, they tend to have a desire for many things you are seen putting on or perhaps the celebrities. For example, you have gone shopping in a mall and your kid becomes interested in some boots on display. Other parents would want to avoid unnecessary expenses by lying that they are meant for adults. A good parent would know that there are boots for skinny legs that can also fit their children.

Allowing freedom to some degree allows them to grow up maturely. Over time, they will adapt to the current trends and learn to take care of themselves. Kids can also make their own decisions based on what they know it is right for them.

Things your kid should decide for themselves


It is important to allow them to discover their own imaginations as it is a super viral journey for any kid. This means that they should always be encouraged to play as much as possible when they are still young. Refrain from too many instructions on where, when and what they play.


Most kids tend to lack the appetite for at least half of what parents put on their plate. It is a good option that you want to provide your child with healthy meals. However, it is necessary to make them understand that nutritious food can also be delicious. If your kid doesn't love a certain meal, try giving them what they like.


We are often quick to judge others as adults the fact that we hardly know nothing about them. Kids are somehow different and they are excited to know a person before they can decide anything about them. It is not advisable to choose for them the friends they can play or socialize with. However, it is important to teach them characters of bad friends.

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