How to Get Cigarette Smell Out of House

by - 10/02/2018 12:05:00 AM

You know that cigarette smell? It permeates your home and feels impossible to remove. Even smokers will need to get the smell out of their home when it comes time to sell the house or even just when they have friends over. How do you get rid of that smell though?

In today’s article, we are going to cover the basics of removing the cigarette smell from your home. Let’s take a look.

Thoroughly Remove All Sources Of Cigarette Smells
You need to start by removing all sources of cigarette smells from your home. Any source that you have in your home will start the smell back up after you clean your home. Get rid of any cigarette butts and ashtrays in your home. Don’t just throw these items in the trash but take out the trash so that they don’t linger.

If you still smoke, stop smoking in and around your home. When it is time to smoke make sure that you go out to the city street and smoke there. This will help to keep the smoke from entering your home or clinging around the house. Remember though, that the smell of cigarettes will cling to your clothes and body. 

Get an Air Purifier
While a percentage of the smell from cigarettes clings to the items in a room, a lot of it hangs in the air. One of the best ways to start getting the smell out of the air is to get an air purifier for cigarette smoke. These devices take in the air and run it through a filtration system. A variety of these devices exist, make sure that you find air purifiers that are capable of handling the proper amount of space.

If you only have one air purifier, start by using it in the room with the strongest smell. From there, you can move it room to room until the air is clean. Just make sure you will buy the best air purifier for smoke that is available on the market. 

Wash All Of Your Clothes And Other Cloth Items
Cigarette smells have a particular appetite for clinging to cloth. Even if you aren’t a smoker, if your home smells like cigarettes, chances are the smell will cling to any cloth in your home. Run everything that you can through your washer and dryer. Using scented dryer sheets can help to remove the smell to the cloth.

You don’t just want to put your clothes in the washer, wash everything. From your bed sheets to pillowcases and table clothes. Wash it all at one time so that you remove as much of the odor at one time as possible.

For surfaces such as your couch, utilize specialized cleaning products to help get the cloth clean. 

Clean Your Home
An important step to take no matter what other steps you take is cleaning. Cleaning is an important part of removing the smell that clings to your home. You probably already clean but it isn’t a deep cleaning.

Go over all surfaces with a cleaning agent. For your health, we recommend that you use a natural cleaner but the stronger a cleaner that you use, the better results that you will get.

The majority of the smell that holds in your home will be on the wall and ceiling. Make sure that you clean these areas. One thing that is important is to test your cleaner on a small portion of your paint. Many cleaners will strip your wall paint and you probably don’t want to do that.

Get A Thorough Carpet Cleaning
When you have a lingering smell of cigarettes a simple vacuuming will not remove the smell. It takes a deeper cleaning than that. Many grocery stores will allow you to rent a steam cleaner for your carpet, this is a great way to clean your carpets yourself. These cleaners get deep down there and help to remove the odor.

If you can afford it though, the best way to clean the carpets is to hire a professional. A professional carpet cleaning every now and then helps you to have a clean home. Besides removing the cigarette smell from the room, it eliminates the dirt and debris that gets barrier deep in the carpet.

Don’t Forget Other Floors
Don’t forget to take care of your other floor surfaces. Cleaning off your wooden floors with a floor cleaner is just as important. Even without carpeting to hold to, the smell will still linger on other surfaces.

Getting rid of cigarette smells isn’t easy. You will find yourself performing a lot of tasks around your home to permanently get rid of the smell, and some of them you might have to repeat. Once you get rid of the smell though, you will notice the nicer smell to your home and you will raise the property value.

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