Tired of the City? Here's How to Snap Back

by - 12/14/2018 06:46:00 PM

Living in the city means that we, sooner or later, tend to get a bit tired of being urban. Sure, there are all of those cute little coffee shops everywhere and cozy restaurants to eat out in  - and you’ll be able to catch any form of public transport to go wherever you want.

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Yet, everyone needs nature and the hustle and bustle of the city life can definitely get the best of anyone.

Here is a handful of ideas for the next weekend to help you out of your concrete blues and soak up some nature instead. A short weekend may not be enough to shake off the city-feeling quite yet but it will surely help you to feel a bit more energized on Monday.

Not able to travel? Meditate

While the very best remedy would, of course, be to simply head out and get some much-needed scenery instead of those tall buildings, this isn’t always an option. If you need to stay at home this weekend but would still like to get away, so to speak, you might want to try meditation.

It’s going to help you out with calming your mind down a bit, make it easier to breathe freely, and get back in touch with your own thoughts. It’s the kind of stuff that a good walk in a beautiful forest would do for you in a matter of minutes but, when you can’t get away, meditation is a great option.

Start by having a look at this article if you’re new to meditation and find a quiet area, first of all. If you live right by a busy road, it might help to put on some calming music instead in order to block out the noise from the street below.

Get cooking

Another way to feel a bit more in touch with yourself a bit if you’re not able to flee the city to look for some land sales outside of the city quite yet is to cook up a meal at home. This is even better if you usually dine out, by the way, as an apartment filled with home cooked aromas will help you to snap out of your concrete blues and connect a bit with nature.

Head over to a local farmer’s market, for example, and hand select your vegetables first. Handling food, cooking for others and working your magic in the kitchen is therapeutic, in a way, and you will definitely feel like the sound of passing cabs and the grinding of coffee from the nearby baristas are miles away rather than right around the corner.

Fill your apartment with plants

Finally, there is no better way of getting back in touch with nature than cultivating your own garden at home. This is quite easy if you have an apartment that enjoys a lot of natural light, by the way, as you’d otherwise have to settle for the plants that enjoy darker conditions.

Start with herbs, for example, to complement your new cooking habits and notice how much fresher your space seems when you’re able to have some greenery around you.

It may not be quite the same as living in the middle of a picturesque countryside area but, as long as we live in the city, it’s definitely the next best thing.  

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