Keeping Getting Headaches? Here Are 3 Possible Causes

by - 5/17/2019 11:37:00 PM

Constant headaches can be a real pain in the...well...head! Every day without fail, you end up with a pounding sensation that prevents you from concentrating and doing pretty much anything. You take painkillers and pray that they work, but they don’t always come to your rescue.

So, why do you keep getting these painful headaches? Well, it could be down to one of these common causes:

TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder is when you experience problems with your jaw joint. It can cause very painful headaches, and may even cause migraines too. There are plenty of things that can trigger TMJ disorder, and the most common is probably when you have issues with the way your teeth are lined up. This can cause issues with the bone and mean that your bite isn’t even.

Thankfully, you can solve this problem by seeing a dentist. You’ll most likely be given braces to sort out your misaligned teeth, and this should deal with the problem. If you’re self-conscious about having braces, then there are places like DFY Dental that sell Invisalign or invisible braces that no one can see. Either way, they’ll help sort out your TMJ disorder, which will sort out your headaches!


Most people that have constant headaches are probably just dehydrated. If you don’t drink enough water, then you’ll end up with a sore head. Remember, a considerable percentage of our body is made up of water. So, if we’re not replenishing the fluids we lose throughout the day, then we’re going to be dehydrated.

You’ll know if this problem relates to you if you don’t drink much water. That sounds obvious, but it’s true! Start drinking more every day - I like to carry a reusable bottle around with me all the time so I can keep filling it up. Make it part of your routine; after all, drinking lots of water is a key aspect of a healthy lifestyle. If your headaches start to fade, then you know what the problem was!

Lack Of Sleep

A lack of sleep is definitely one of - if not the most - common cause of chronic headaches. We live in a generation where everyone seems to sleep less and less. Have you ever woken up with a sore head that doesn’t go away during the day? Do you sometimes get that constant soreness behind your eyes? If so, then it’s probably due to a lack of sleep.

If you don’t get at least 8 hours of sleep every day, then you’ll end up getting headaches now and then. The less you sleep, the more frequent the headaches are. So...start sleeping more! Go to bed earlier so you can still wake up on time, but you get the full 8 hours you need.

Hopefully, your headaches are down to one of these things. If they are, then you now know how to deal with them and banish your headaches once and for all. If your problems still persist, then the best thing to do is see a doctor. Let them check you out, so you can have peace of mind and understand what’s causing your headaches.

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