School Time Is All About Getting The Right Preps

by - 8/15/2019 08:26:00 AM

School is ok, but all that time between the holidays sucks. 

Don’t we all agree with the statement? Every kid and every parent would prefer spending most of their time on vacation! Unfortunately, school comes in the way of your family preferences. However, while it’s not uncommon for children to complain about spending more time in the classroom than they would like to, we all know that school can be a fun part of childhood too. After all, you probably have fond memories of playing ball games with your friends during breaks and learning new things with that funny chemistry professor who let you conduct your own experiments. In other words, deep inside, we know that school is not as bad as our kids are making it sound. However, being organized is vital to turn a day in the classroom into an enjoyable experience. 

You need a routine 
Indeed, if your kids are about to start or just have started school again, you know that their everyday routine is nothing like the lazy holiday mornings. You have to help them get up and get ready with a school-friendly daily routine. Indeed, managing time effectively in the morning and the evening can make sure that your kids are getting up feeling refreshed and energized. Besides, it’s the perfect way of tuning their minds to the prospect of learning and working! 

Avoiding the typical school illnesses and health issues
There is no school day without diseases. Indeed, children tend to have a weak immune system. As a result, they are likely to catch more viruses and infections than adults as their immune system develops. If you’re worried about them missing days because they’re poorly, you can help by getting the flu vaccine. Indeed, the vaccine prepares the body’s natural defense system. 
Another common health concern about school health is the risk of head lice. Indeed, despite your best effort, it’s likely that your child might come back in the evening with a colony of head lice hiding in their hair. Checking and sanitizing household items regularly and clothes can prevent spreading. 

Forget cereals for breakfast
You might run out of time in the morning, but a bowl of cereal isn’t the best option to keep your kids going all day. However, you can keep your pantry stored with healthy and nutritious alternatives, such as porridge, fruit smoothies or wholegrain bread. Cereals are often a favourite but, unfortunately, they are high in sugar, which leads to a rush in energy and a sudden drop as the body has processed the food. 

To lunch box or not to box?
For many parents, the lunchbox is a waste of time. Surely you can give your kid some lunch money to buy themselves something to eat. But in reality, preparing lunch meals in advance – such as the evening before – can deliver all the right nutrients throughout the day. A simple salad with healthy vegetables and homemade baked goods is a healthy alternative to the typical pack of chips, biscuits, and fries that most kids tend to get. You have to fuel the body to help their brain to stay focused! 

Preparation is the secret behind a successful school year. Indeed, from planning time to sleep and to learn to making sure you pack a healthy lunch box, the time you invest in making school accessible and achievable will pay off in the long term!

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