Living Luxe, No Matter Who You Are

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It is a strange thing, luxury. Because for some, it is the ability to have a bubble bath at 10.30 on Wednesday, and others it is to upgrade the food you buy to the premium brand. True luxury is a lot about how you feel about what you are doing and how you are doing.
Technically speaking, many people don’t have the amount of money that they wish they did. But that doesn’t limit the ability to save for the things that you really want. There are many ways that you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle by spending in the right places.
If you aren’t in the home of your dreams yet, something like a personalized blissed-out abode from a custom home builder - then don’t worry. The first thing you can do is check out your savings, and if you have none at all, it is time to set a goal and start working towards it.
And in the meantime, here are a range of tips that can help you make your home and lifestyle feel a little more luxurious.
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We are all heavily surrounded by things we don’t need, love, want, or use. When things feel cluttered, messy, or just everywhere, then that is almost the very opposite of what luxury should feel like. Less ‘stuff’ will mean fewer things to tidy up, and less stuff taking up valuable space in your home too. Imagine walking into a clean, tidy, and spacious feeling home day after day?
Decluttering is also the perfect time to give your home a deep clean too. Two things that will make your home feel closer to the ones you are probably browsing on Pinterest.


You don’t need to spend tens of dollars on bunches of flowers. Cheaper bunches are usually great and rather than putting them in the vase as that are. Spend some time learning how to arrange cheaper flowers to make them look like a larger bunch. Here are some quick tips for making cheap flowers look luxe:
  • Eucalyptus is the perfect filler and will allow you to use as little as three white stems of almost any flower
  • Use a tulip-shaped vase and let the flowers sprawl out.
  • Use tape to create a grid and place flowers at an angle in each space. This will stop them from sliding around
  • Dedicate yourself to one main flower type, and let them do the talking against the greenery

Learn To Cook

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to just put great meals together. But over time, and with a bit of effort, you can create meals that can rival most restaurants. One of the key things here is to have fresh ingredients, and don’t worry too much about adding more and more. The most delicious meals tend to be super simple in terms of flavors.
Fish goes well with lemon and dill, chicken works with lemon thyme and black pepper. And a simple salad.


Almost all makeup and perfume stands have a range of samples they can give out. If you know there is a perfume that you love but is at the upper end of any budget that you have, then swing by somewhere like Sephora and ask for samples. You can also find great dupes for the higher end perfumes too. If you do some research on the notes of the scent, you can then find something to match.
Makeup samples are available online from many stores too. If you prefer to shop in-store, then TKMaxx / TJMaxx has a range of designers, everything for a much lower price.

Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash


The only way to become cultured is to actively seek it out. And sometimes, that means going outside of your comfort zone. Museums, art galleries, and local events too. It is difficult to not enjoy the day and feel like you are living a moment right out of your favorite movie. Gazing a priceless artwork.
Not only that, but you can watch movies that aren’t fiction, documentaries, and even cooking programs like any from Antony Bourdain or Dave Change. They give you more than information about food. It’s about the place and the people too.


You don’t have to go all out and buy the Burberry trench, or a Prada dress. Instead, you can purchase smaller designer items at a discount instead. There are a number of outlets that have a huge amount of designer items. Places like BrandAlley, DePop, Vestiare Collective, and The Outnet are great places to look.
There is also a range of deep discounts you can get too. Think about the things you use daily. Your bag, your phone, headbands, and shoes. A range of smaller things is a much better option.


Get rid of the clothing you don’t love, wear, or fit into. You can check Pinterest for the best options to reduce your wardrobe to a maximum of 22 items and have a huge 200+ outfit options.
Having less is really useful for you to be able to make quick decisions each morning, and when you have the staples down and a great color palette, you will always look well put together no matter what you choose to wear.


You don’t need to have an extensive bank balance to be able to have skin that glows. There are many beauty brands that provide high-quality skincare for a snip of the price. If you have the cash to splash on a brand like Tatcha Water Cream, then great! But according to Essie Buttons, the best dupe on the market and with a small price is Neutrogena Hydro Boost.
Revolution Skincare is also big in the dupe game. So when it comes to beauty, buy in bulk, on discount, and research the best skincare dupes, and your skin will look luxe and glow all day long.
Luxury, to me, is not about buying expensive things; it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things. - Oscar de la Renta

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