Bestselling toys - gift ideas from history

by - 6/25/2020 09:20:00 AM

Whether you’re planning a special birthday gift for your child or whether you’re thinking ahead to the upcoming Yuletide celebrations, you’ve probably been through the same immediate thought process as everyone else, which goes a little something like this… “oh I’ll just, I’ll look what there is, closer to the time, and err, hold on, hang on just a minute, what do kids actually want these days?”. 

The answer is access to a gaming console on which they can play 25 hours of Fortnite per day. 

They also want a screen bigger than your first school (and a backup tablet with a noise cancelling headset so that they can continue to play Fortnite whenever you force them to leave their rooms for essentials like eating food). 

Basically, they want to play that one video game. Over and over. Every single day. And they want to spend something called V-Bucks, which to them is a fictitious online currency, but to you is your real money that you had to go to work to earn so that they can convert it to V-Bucks and buy who knows what on a game that doesn’t matter to anybody over the age of 13. It’s a slim list of wants. 

What about a hoverboard, you ask yourself. And you may research things like ‘what are the hoverboard laws in Jacksonville, Florida?’ And you may put yourself off the idea. So, we decided to take a look back on what’s been popular in the past, because before Fortnite, kids wanted things. Let’s take a look.

Laser tag (1986)

Heralding from a time before computer users could overlap several applications/windows at a time on Bill Gates’ popular tech platform (a feature that was introduced in ‘87 … despite the company already being called ‘Windows’, which has always struck me as odd - surely up until this point, the company should have been called ‘Full Screens’, but anyway...) laser tag was a way to get kids moving. 

There are new versions now, but the concept is the same. You wear a small gadget on your body and your enemy does the same, then you try to shoot each other’s gadgets with lasers. Hours of fun!

Tamagotchi (1997)

Although it would be expected to say that cyber pets have come a long way in the more than two decades since they were a big thing, they really haven’t. 

The charm of the grey screen and the pixelated pets just couldn’t evolve without losing the original appeal. Therefore, your kids can experience exactly what you remember (at a shockingly low price tag these days!). 

Lastly… we turn to 2005 and the humble BMX

BMX bikes were the must-have thing in 2005. Kids love them. Check out your nearest skate park and get involved in some outdoors fun. 

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