Finding The Best Large Item Shipping Services

by - 7/15/2020 09:16:00 PM

Moving is an inevitable part of life. Whether you are a nomad or are packing your bags and boxes for the first time in your life, moving is a notoriously stressful process that can take its toll on even the best of planners. Moving is made worse if you have many large, bulky and heavy items to bring along with you to the new place.

Try these moving hacks for yourself and discover creative ways to improve the process:
Packing. Packing for a move will be the most time-consuming task in your moving checklist, so it’s best to plan ahead and start packing the moment you’ve decided to move. You can start with decluttering your store room or kitchen and pack small items into boxes along the way.
Heavy lifting. Lifting, carrying and loading super-heavy and large household items can be plain dangerous and too risky if you’ve never done it before. You’ll need proper moving equipment and reliable helpers to make it injury-free and damage-free to your belongings.
Truck renting. Renting a moving truck is tricky – you don’t want to rent a truck that’s too small because it won’t fit all of your belongings; on the other hand, you don’t want to rent a truck that’s too big because you don’t want to be paying for storage space you’re not going to utilize. Speak to the truck rental company and give them details of your items for them to decide the size of truck suitable for your move.

If you have many heavy and bulky items to ship to your new destination, you may require a full truckload (FTL) service.  A FTL service is used for shipments that can fill up an entire truck. It’s also a trucking option if you require a faster transit time, because the trucker goes directly from origin to destination without any additional pickups or deliveries or stops at terminals along the way.  If you have just a couple of large and heavy items to move to your new place, you can even rent a part load of the truck, which is cheaper than a FTL, from shipping service sites like Shiply.

Shipping large or heavy goods can be challenging and stressful when you are planning to move to a new home or office. Shiply offers fast and reliable delivery services for heavy or bulky items. Whether it's a 4-door inverter refrigerator, a grand piano or your car, you can count on Shiply to do the heavy lifting for you.

For a hassle-free move of your heavy and bulky belongings, the best place to book the cheapest freight shipping service is at Shiply’s reverse auction sites and all it takes is to fill out a simple online form and the quotes will be emailed to you for comparison.

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