How to Replace A Kitchen Sink Faucet - A Pro-Backed Guide

by - 3/15/2021 09:25:00 PM

You may want to replace your old kitchen faucet if you find problems like leakage or giving your kitchen an updated look. It is not really hard to replace the old one with a brand-new kitchen sink faucet as long as you have the right instructions and the right tools.

In this article, I will show you how to go about the whole process.

Necessary tools:

· Adjustable wrench

· Multiple screwdrivers

· Flashlight

· Safety goggles

· Towels

· Bowl

It would take about 2 hours to complete this process. Before replacing the old faucet, read the instructions properly.

How to replace a kitchen faucet?

1. The first step to find out the type of your old faucet. you should count the components of your kitchen faucet that how many components are there in your whole faucet. it is because you need to know how many holes are there on the sink to install a new one. Most of the faucets have two major components, the sprayer and the faucet. The faucet could contain one or three holes while the sprayer has one hole.

2. Climb under your sink to look at the place where the faucet and sprayer are mounted. Count and note down the number of holes. You may find three plastic nuts and a shaft nut in total if your faucet comes with 3holes. By this time, you should decide what tools you are going to need.

3. Turn off the water supply by rotating cold and hot water valve handles. After this, turn on the faucet to remove any excess water. it could cause damage if any water remains in the faucet.

4. You should uninstall the components of the faucet by turning the plastic nuts using your fingers counter-clockwise. If you find them too tight, use pliers for unscrewing the nuts completely.

5. Pry down the holding bracket using your hand and remove it properly.

6. After that, it is time for removing the base of the sprayer by turning the nut counter clockwise that is holding the base of the sprayer.

7. Get rid of the sprayer head by rotating the head counter clockwise till you take it away from the sprayer base.

8. You would find a pin in the sprayer. Take a plier for pushing the pin and remove the retaining pin completely.

9. There would be a hose and you have to remove all the components like sprayer mount and sprayer base from the hose pipe. Take out the hose pipe from the sink and put it in a bowl to drain excess water.

10. Unlock the lines of the supply by rotating the nuts counter clockwise. If you find the lines too short for resting on a bowl, wrap a dry towel round them to prevent any water dropping.

11. Take out your old kitchen faucet and from the sink and clean the area of the sink water and soap. Let it dry for some time after washing the area.

12. Find a new kitchen faucet that contains the same number of the holes like your previous one.

13. Read the instructions in the manufacture of the new faucet and set the new faucet in the holes. Leave a hole for adjusting the sprayer.

14. There would be a mounting hardware in the new kit. Mount the new faucet by using the components from the kit and set it under your sink.

15. Take a screwdriver and tighten the bracket screws or nuts to make the final adjustment.

16. You should work for attaching the supply lines with the valves now. Finger tight them first and then tighten them finally with an adjustable wrench. You don’t need any tape in this process because supply lines come with a seal.

17. After unscrewing the plastic nut from the new sprayer mount, drop the topmost part of the mount in your sink. Hike under your kitchen sink and screw the nuts of the sprayer.

18. Feed the supply line of the sprayer by the sink mount.

19. Climb under the sink to lining up the finish of the supply line with a quick connector. Drive the hose pipe into the connector till it makes a ticking sound.

20. Unscrew the head of the sprayer by turning the aerator counter clockwise. Ensure that the handle of the faucet is off-site.

21. Turn on the cold and hot water connection valves.

22. Flash the sprayer by holding it down for 1 minute and after that, turn off the water to reinstall the head of the sprayer.

23. Turn on the water of the faucet and flush it for about 1 minute. Then install the aerator in place.

24. Your kitchen faucet is ready to use but don’t forget to check everything properly if there is any water leakage or not. Check the places attentively where you have made connections.

Finally, you may have learned how to replace a kitchen faucet successfully. Follow these steps carefully and put safety goggles on your eyes for protection.

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