Smart Ways To Make Your Money Safe Online

by - 7/30/2021 08:31:00 PM

If you have ever come into financial trouble due to a lack of security, then you will likely be looking at ways of improving your financial safety and getting your finances back on track. If so, you have come to the right place. This post will share everything you need to know about how to make your money safe, the smart way.

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Use digital transactions

You can send money to the Philippines online through digital transactions. These will allow the receiver to attain the money within minutes and the payment process will incur no extra fees. Plus, the payments will be much safer. The banks will have control over data breaches and you can be alerted as soon as your account is compromised. 

Instead of worrying about the cheque getting to the receiver in the post, you can transfer the money directly and shorten the timeframe that it takes to be received. 

Use protected services

When you do use online transfers or purchase goods online, make sure that you use protected services. 

Most services will declare whether or not your money is protected. It will state how much of it is protected too. For instance, if you are purchasing something from a website, the payment system might declare that anything in excess of $100 is protected. 

Keep your receipts

When you use online payments, ensure to keep the digital receipts. If you lose these, then you might not be able to make a claim if your money is lost or stolen. 

Likewise, you should always check that the payment taken from your bank account matches your receipt. A business may accidentally (on purposefully) take more money than you expected. When you keep receipts, you can prove your payments and not be taken advantage of.

Use unique passwords

You will likely require passwords to use online payment services. Thus, you must ensure that the password is secure and not easy to compromise. 

Using a unique password that is unlike any other that you use for accounts will ensure that your data is less likely to be compromised. 

Avoid allowing your computer to remember login details 

When you do log in to your financial services online, your computer might ask if you’d like it to remember your details. Although it might seem like a good idea, it is actually a better idea to avoid it. 

Allowing your computers to remember your passwords means that if your computer is compromised, the virus or hacker will easily be able to access your account. 

Use official apps

There are several apps that allow you to manage your money and make payments. These include banks and financial services. When you download the apps, ensure that they are official and directly managed by the company. 

If you download a dodgy app and hand over your details, your finances can easily become compromised. Ensure to check who made the app and that the company has an official app. It could save you a lot of money insecurity. 

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