Sunday, October 30, 2005

aw.. just one of those bad days..

grbe, napakasama ng araw na to.. argh. i just had my first meal for the day. im still freakin' hungry. Image anniv na namin bukas ng bebi ko.. peru eto umiral n nmn pagka-pasaway ko. Image anyway, il just give a summary of what happened during our product training this week. hmm.. everyone has got their badges na.. ako wala pa den. and two of my officemates.. daya! Image tpus, we had our midterms nun wed ata.. err. wala ako aral at review. buti nlng i was listening during our review in class. me onti ako na-absorb kya.. whew! i passed. i got 82% pa. passing mark! Image tpus we got our pay last fri pati atms. asar i have a dispute with my pay.. 64 hrs lng un akin instead of 75hrs. baba tuloy ng salary ko. hmph! Image grbe. badtrip un. we have our finals and west finals this week. lapit na kmi maghit ng floor. next week na. katakots. i just hope mapasa ko un two exams ko. ayaw ko atang umuwi para magtanim ng kamote. haha. Image kaya ko to. il make it. our team will make it. Image hmmmm...

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