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Need-To-Knows Before Traveling To India

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So you're planning a trip to India? - You're in for a real treat! The country if known for its bright colors, busy streets and stunning sights to see. But before you start packing, there are some things you need to know.

Prepare yourself for the culture shock
Once you get to India, it's very normal to get overwhelmed and feel very disoriented because there's just so much going on all the time. But it's important to embrace it, as this is part of the whole experience.

Have what you need
Don't expect to be able to enter the country without an Indian Visa though. These are relatively easy enough to get your hands on, but you just need to make sure you sort it out well in advance as they can take a month to process. You can do them online just by filling in the necessary information so make sure you do this before anything else.

Forget about looking at a map
Because of how busy it gets in India with a constant flow of traffic, a map isn't going to help you. Even if you see the perfect route to where you need to get to, it could take you hours to get there. So ask the locals instead. They may know some very useful shortcuts.

Time isn't what it seems
If someone gives you a time that they'll meet you at, it's wise to add a few hours onto it. This is all down to the traffic, especially in the big cities, but unfortunately, nothing can be done about this. So bear this in mind when planning a day out.

Food and family go hand in hand
If you ever get invited out to eat by a local, don't assume it will just be with them, because it won't be. You can expect to meet the whole family! Eating together is very important, and is valued by a lot of people, so make sure to be on your best behavior.

Tourist attractions
Even if you've booked something in advance, it's still a good idea to call before you arrive at the location because it may running late, or could even be closed. So to save disappointment, ring up and make sure they're open.

See one place properly
There are so many places in India, that unfortunately you probably won't be able to see them all in one holiday. So choose what's on the top of your list and make sure you experience it to the fullest so you know at least you've really explored one area. But remember you can always go back again, so don't let this disappoint you, instead, see it as something to look forward to.

Now you know what to keep in mind when going away; you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about anything.
Just remember to have a camera so you can document your travels and show everyone when you get back home. - It's going to be a memorable one.

Dreaming Of An Epic Ensuite Bathroom? Here's How You Do It

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There’s something of a myth about ensuite bathrooms in that many people believe they are only for a) wealthy households or b) for people who live in large homes. But the reality is that neither of these supposed facts is true. With a little research, you’ll soon find that ensuite bathrooms are more than affordable, especially if you consider they can be a significant investment that adds value to your home. And with a little ingenuity and planning, you can fit an ensuite into the smallest of bedrooms. Here’s how you can get started.
Before you get started
While it is possible to build an ensuite in almost any home, be careful with your space. In some cases, you might end up devaluing your home, rather than increasing your asking price. For example, if you decide to install a bathroom in a large master bedroom just because you feel like it, it isn’t likely to do you any favours in the housing market. According to advice from, it’s important to speak with your architect, designer, or building team before you go ahead with your plans.

Planning your ensuite
Once you have established that an ensuite will be a good idea, it’s time to start planning. As we discussed in the introduction, a small bedroom might need a little more planning or work, but it still a viable option. You can consider breaking down a wall and using additional space from the next door bedroom or hallway, for example, or even create a wall space from scratch. And there are plenty of ensuites that are made from glass panels these days, so that is another space saving option, too.
Space is imperative
Unless you are lucky enough to have vast swathes of room for an ensuite, it’s best to think of how you can best utilize your space. As point out, a shower and bath combination is perfect for ensuites, and you can also decide to forego the tub altogether. Plus, of course, if you have a compact little room you might be better off with a small corner toilet.

Plumbing problems
One area which might be concerning you is your plumbing. Obviously, you will need a professional to come and check your pipes and waterworks, but it’s only in rare cases that they won’t be able to connect your water and toilet to your current system.
Once you get started on the work, bear in mind that your building team will cause a fair amount of disruption. It’s always best to think about keeping out of their way as much as possible - especially if you have kids. Also, before you choose your builders, make sure you ask around and find a reputable firm. You don’t want to be in a situation where the firm does a little bit of work here and there while focusing on other jobs - it could take months, rather than weeks.
As you can see, ensuites aren’t just for the wealthy or those blessed with large amounts of space. And given that an extra bathroom could add value to your home, why not give it serious thought?

Residential Towers Set To Change Metro Manila's Skyline This Year

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MANILA, MAY 21, 2017: Leading real estate listings website Lamudi Philippines says that the local real estate industry is still riding high as more skyscrapers are set to transform the Philippine capital’s ever-changing skyline.

The Trump Tower

One of the most awaited buildings that will redefine the shape of the city is Century City’s Trump Tower Manila. Rising 250 meters in one of Makati’s up-and-coming business districts, Trump Tower Manila will beautifully stand as the fifth tallest tower in Metro Manila once it is completed later in 2017. Just like its sister buildings across New York and other parts of the world, Trump Tower Manila will boast luxury apartments and first-rate amenities.

Three Central 

Property giant Megaworld Corporation will likewise add iconic landmarks through its roster of residential towers scheduled for turnover this 2017. Three Central and Paseo Heights both in Salcedo Village, Makati, are scheduled for completion this year. Three Central will stand 51 floors high near Ayala Avenue and will feature a two-story posh mall. Paseo Heights, on the other hand, is a 30-story condominium tower overlooking the trees and greens of Makati. Both residential buildings are designed to cater to professionals living in Makati.

Uptown Ritz Residence

Staying true to their live-work-play concept, Megaworld will also finish two exciting developments in Bonifacio Global City. Uptown Ritz Residence in Uptown Bonifacio and The Florence at McKinley Hill will soon stand out in the high-class cityscape of Taguig. Uptown Bonifacio, one of Megaworld’s mixed-use townships in Taguig, also features commercial areas and corporate hubs. And at the center of it will rise the 45 floors Uptown Ritz, a high-end condominium that offers residential suites ranging from two to four bedrooms and will only have a maximum of 10 units per floor.

The Florence, on the other hand, is McKinley Hill’s first and only gated garden community. It has three towers ranging from 22 to 28 stories and considered as the most private among other residential developments to rise in the Taguig township.

Not one but four residential projects are scheduled to be turned over this year by SMDC: Breeze Residences in Roxas Boulevard and Shore Residences at the Mall of Asia Complex both in Pasay, Grace Residences in Taguig, and Fern Residences in Quezon City are all expected to rise before the year ends. The four developments are strategically located in key areas in Metro Manila. Furthermore, all will bear the SMDC trademark for amenities, such as resort-like swimming pool and grand lobby.

Ayala Land subsidiaries Alveo Land and Avida Land will likewise deliver exciting real estate landmarks this year. Alveo Land’s Kroma Tower and Avida Land’s Avida Towers Asten will both rise in major areas in Makati. Rising 46 stories along Dela Rosa Street, Kroma Tower is just a few steps away from key establishments, such as the Makati Medical Center and the Ayala Triangle, and it is directly integrated into the elevated pedestrian walkway network of the Makati CBD.

Avida Towers Asten in Barangay San Antonio, on the other hand, will feature three high-rise buildings and its first building will greet the skyline before 2017 ends. The residential edifice will offer studio, one-bedroom, and two bedroom apartments perfect for families working and studying around the Makati CBD.

Located in the heart of Sta. Cruz, Manila, Alveo’s Celadon Park will complete its neighborhood of three towers this year, while Avida Towers Vita in Quezon City, will be one of the first structures to rise in the vast mixed-used complex Vertis North, which is right next to TriNoma.

The Federal Land Tower, a 66-story tower in Federal Land’s Grand Central Park in northern Bonifacio Global City, is also scheduled to be completed before the year closes. The much-awaited skyscraper will house the Grand Hyatt Hotel on its first 25 floors, while the succeeding floors will be devoted to high-end residential and commercial use.

The Proscenium

The Proscenium at Rockwell Center, Makati, will add more dramatic structures to Makati’s dynamic skyline through Kirov and Sakura Towers, both of which are expected to be completed this 2017. The high-end residential towers boast unique architectural styles that will set them apart from other structures.

Shang Salcedo Place

Set to stand 67 stories high, Shang Salcedo Place by Shang Properties is touted to become one of the tallest buildings in Metro Manila. It is likewise deemed to be an iconic structure due to its design that looks like the tip of a fountain pen.

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3 Holistic Methods To Help Your Health And Achieve Your Dreams

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Self-development is one of the more fruitful adventures you can choose to partake in. Becoming a better person in all areas of your life will serve to help you become a more confident, more competent, and ultimately happier individual. As a person living in the fast-paced 21st century, we have to be good and responsible in many fields. The days of the hunter-gatherer are over, and instead of building stable fires and shelters, our skills are now directed in more specific areas.
However, thousands of years adapting to a ruggedly physical and challenging existence hasn’t left us just because the division of labor and desks were invented. In our hearts, we still have a yearning for adventure, be that exploring the world, getting to the top of your career, or having a family. It’s easy to be distracted by less productive methods of goal-setting, such as playing video games or watching television box sets. While these are great to unwind, and definitely have a place in modern society, sometimes our free time is best spent improving ourselves and our minds.
Like Aristotle said, ‘We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.’ Now not everyone wants to be excellent. But everyone does want to be happier. Taking a few moments every week to pursue bountiful activities like the ones featured in the following list will help you become that happier person, and who knows, maybe stumble upon the knowledge that opens your perception and allows you to live a more aware and sensitive life.
The great human adventure is open to everyone. Just be sure that you don’t miss taking part. ‘Holistic’ methods of self-healing have become trendy these days and for good reason. It makes more sense to people that addressing their physical and mental health as part of a whole, and not segmented will allow them to become stronger in their being. Here’s how:
Meditation is one of the best activities a modern person can follow. Without a goal in mind, sitting down and being present for the intake of breath through your nostrils, and slowly, gently returning your focus there after you lose yourself in thoughts is called ‘Vipassana’ meditation. It is an ancient Vedic tradition that has proven scientific benefits. It will improve your focus, your mental clarity, your creativity, your passion for life, your empathic ability and your ability to communicate well. All of these benefits have been back up by scientific study. There’s a reason that these traditions have lasted for thousands of years at a time. Join that tradition.
Spirituality is important, yet it needn’t be constrained to any particular religion or doctrine of belief. Whether you believe in new age ideas, are a devout Catholic, a follower of Island, or a simple atheist, you should connect with your spirituality. This is hard to define and means different things to different people. For the Catholic, it might be living a good, honest life in accordance with God’s ideals.
For an atheist, it might be just being a rational, good person to everyone you meet. It sounds funny to say, but your belief doesn’t actually impact your spirituality acted out in the world. For example, an atheist who believes fundamentally in being a good, honest, responsible and amiable person is a deeply spiritual person, in that they live by their ideals and aim for that ‘higher goal.’ This is worthy of tons of respect and is admirable in anyone from any faith or lack thereof. Having this ‘higher goal,’ in whatever form, can help you weather the storms of life with strength and ‘grace.’
You might also believe in the Law of Attraction, which has been said to help people attune themselves in accordance with universal principles to ‘attract’ circumstances that are preferable. Destiny tuning is a form of this. But what is destiny tuning? Simply put, it’s a way to best line yourself up with the desired life you’re hoping to receive.

Whatever works for you, be sure to be the best person you can, and enjoy the process.
Read as much as you can. Theodore Roosevelt was notorious for reading a book every morning before breakfast, and his mind was one to admire for sure. Reading outside of your comfort zone daily, as well as indulgently in genres you love, will improve your narrative prowess, give you more of a foothold in the world from an educational standpoint, and allow you to deeply understand the minds of others.
Reading will also lower your stress, spark creative insight, and allow you to generally hold more wisdom about this crazy and beautiful adventure we call life.
No matter who you are, the three previous activities can help you in a plethora of ways. Be sure to couple these with exercise, so your body and mind are improving at the same rate, and you’ll be sure to become a worthy and respectable human during your time here.

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Common Real Estate Pitfalls That Trap Newcomers

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Real estate is always a booming market that is just waiting to be explored. However, many people go into it unprepared and, as a result, end up with a lot of nasty debt and bad experiences that put them off ever trying again in the future. After a couple of failed real estate projects, it’s natural to want to back off and never try again before you waste more money, but this article will show you where you’re going wrong. Here are four common real estate pitfalls that manage to trap most newcomers, and how you can avoid them from ever causing damage to you.

Buying Old Properties

When we see cheaper properties, it’s almost natural to assume we’re getting a fantastic deal. Imagine an old property that is close to the city centre and surrounded by public transportation and amenities, it sounds fantastic right? Sadly, if it’s an old property with a lot of structural damage, then don’t be surprised when you hear the entire building is covered in asbestos, has rodent or insect infestations and needs to be completely cleaned out before you can make it habitable. Don’t neglect the importance of examining a property thoroughly before investing in it. There aren’t many steals in the real estate market, so don’t go around assuming everything with a low price tag is a bargain.

Neglecting Hidden Costs

In addition to older properties costing more to maintain and renovate, there are also some hidden costs that you may need to consider. For instance, if works you want to carry out will damage or harm the environment, you may need to pay additional cleanup fees. This is known as environmental due diligence and it’s something that traps a lot of new real estate investors. They buy a property and start plans to renovate it, but they’re hit with exorbitant cleanup costs as a result and they make almost no profit once the property is finally sold. There are ways to minimize the impact, and you can read more about environmental due diligence advice from Argyllenvironmental. It’s an important step to take in any real estate plan, so make sure you do your due diligence!

Forgetting Research

This seems like a real estate basic, but you’ll be surprised at how many people fail this simple step. You need to make sure you understand the real estate market in your area before you undertake any projects. This is because you need to know the audience of home buyers and tenants, and you need to be able to appeal to their interests instead of fumbling and developing a property into something they don’t want. The best way to gather information would be to research online or take a peek into real estate agents in the local area and see what types of properties are hotly contested.

Hopefully, these three critical pieces of advice will go a long way for your real estate venture. Remember that it’s important to have a plan and to take it slow. Don’t rush ahead because you’ll be trapped by hidden fees, failed sales and a lot of stress.

Affording The Home You And Your Family Deserve

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In an ideal world, we would make housing more affordable for everyone. Doesn’t everyone deserve to own a house when they start a family? It’s the dream, and across the globe, it’s becoming hard to reach. The Philippines is no different. On the plus side, the cost of living in the Philippines is 51.74% lower than in countries like the UK. Even better, the cost of rent is 77.35% lower. A substantial difference. But, there’s still a significant discrepancy between the average annual wage, at 15,863.00 ₱, and the cost of apartments, at 68,191.33 ₱. Things may be better, but they can still seem impossible when you’re attempting to get on the property ladder.

The cost of living drives many of us into renting, but that’s a vicious cycle, and it’s far from cheap. A one-bed apartment in the city can set you back 11,741.29 ₱ a month. That amount soon adds up. Before you know it, you’ll have forked out enough for a house, without having anything to show for it. But, that’s the trap, isn’t it? High house prices and low salaries mean we pay over the odds for housing that will never lead towards our dream. This can be especially disheartening if you have a family. We all want our kids to have a safe place to return to. That’s just not a reality when it comes to renting. So, how can you afford the home you and your family deserve? These ideas should go some way towards helping you.


In a lot of ways, a mortgage can seem like another trick. Again, you’ll have to pay a substantial sum each month. The difference with a mortgage is that you know you’re working towards a goal. The end game can make the fight worth winning. Plus, you’ll be able to rest easy that your home is, for the most part, your home. Bear in mind, though, that the average mortgage interest rate is 7.36. You need to be careful here and work out a way to pay it back as soon as possible. That said, you also need to consider how much you can afford each month without breaking the bank. Realistic payments are essential. If you’re hesitant about taking this step, arrange a meeting and talk it through with someone. They can discuss your options and allay your fears. In reality, this is a better choice than throwing money at a rented property.


With the prices mentioned above, saving for a house can seem next to impossible. But, it’s a step worth taking if you want a house of your own one day. The more you can pay towards a deposit; the less your monthly payments will be. As such, the sooner you’ll be able to own your home, and the less you’ll have to pay in the long run. Take the time to work out a way to save the money you need. If that involves going without for a few months, or living with someone else, then do it. If you have a clear plan in place, the process won’t seem like such a painful one. Again, you’ll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

An alternative to the deposit route would be to look for land for sale and develop your home from scratch. There’s no denying that this option involves a lot of work, but it’s a sure way towards your goal. And, you’ll be able to make some money back if you decide to move on in the future. If you aren’t afraid of a project, this is the perfect option for you. Land prices are much lower than a ready-made house would be. Though, bear in mind that you’ll need enough to buy the land, and then build on it too. This may be a slow-burning method, but patience is the name of the game when it comes to the property market. Plus, you’ll have a much more active say in how much you spend this way. You can make your house as extravagant, or basic, as your budget dictates. As mentioned above, getting your money under control is your best route towards this goal. Work out how much you can set aside each month. Then, consider how long this goal would take you to achieve. Bear in mind that prices could change during your saving process. Watch the market for a while before coming to a decision. If prices rise again during your observations, consider how workable this option is. In truth, though, house prices will likely rise during that time too.


There are a few different routes you can take to get yourself on the market, and each has its downsides. But, each can also work given the right circumstances. It’s all too easy to lose sight of your goal when there’s such financial pressure. But, remember how much your family home meant to you when you were a child. Don’t you want the same thing for your kids? Plus, while getting on the market is hard, that’s only the case for the first step. Once you own property, those rising house prices will take on a different meaning to you. You’ll be able to sit back and see your money return to you, and some. Remember, too, that your first home doesn’t have to be perfect. Few of us can afford the house we want straight away. Decide what you’re willing to compromise on for the time being. You may find that removing one of two essentials from your wish list brings prices down in a major way. And, once you’ve gone without those things, you may realize that they weren’t as important to you as you thought. Or, if not, you can always look out for them in your next property. The point here is to get on the first rung of that ladder. The rest can come later.