Selling Your Home: What You Should Expect From Estate Agents

by - 5/29/2017 09:04:00 PM

Lots of families will decide to sell their home this year. Some of them will do it in the hope of moving up the housing ladder. That means they plan to purchase an even bigger house in a better location. Others will do it because they’ve got a new job opportunity, and they need to move out of the area. In some instances, people will even sell their properties in an attempt to clear their debts. Whatever the reason, those folks will have to use the services of estate agents. With that in mind, I wanted to release some info today that should help everyone to get the best service. If your estate agent doesn’t do the things mentioned on this page, you should probably look elsewhere.

Performing a reasonable valuation

Estate agents should visit your property and do a valuation as soon as you let them know you want to sell. That is if you don’t plan to use an auction. If they suggest an amount based on other homes in the area, they’re not doing their job. You should ask them to attend as soon as possible so they can see your home for themselves. By that point, you should have a good idea about how much you expect to get for your property. So, make sure the estate agent’s valuation is as close as possible. If they undervalue or overvalue your house, you should run into issues. That is because you’ll either rip yourself off or struggle to find a buyer.

Creating professional adverts with images

Almost every home buyer will search online for available properties these days. Most of them will use the same couple of popular listing sites. If your house isn’t visible on this domains, you aren’t going to make a sale. Also, ensure your estate agent includes lots of alluring photographs of your property. They should create a floor plan so that any potential buyers have all the information they require. There are lots of tools they can use to make that happen. The program mentioned at is fantastic. However, your estate agent should know that already.

Paying to “feature” your property on selling sites

Most of the big selling sites allow estate agents to “feature” properties. That means they pay a small fee to ensure your home appears at the top of relevant search results. It’s explained here If your chosen company hasn’t done that yet, you need to ask them why. It could be because they are unaware of the feature. If that’s the case, educate them as much as possible. However, sometimes you’re best to switch to professionals who already know how to do their jobs properly.

Now you know what you can expect from decent estate agents, sorting the wheat from the chaff is easy. At the end of the day, you don’t want your home to sit on the market for ten years. You want to sell it as soon as possible so you can move forward with your life. Read reviews online before making your selection, and hopefully, you’ll get it right.

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