3 Holistic Methods To Help Your Health And Achieve Your Dreams

by - 5/30/2017 09:47:00 PM

Self-development is one of the more fruitful adventures you can choose to partake in. Becoming a better person in all areas of your life will serve to help you become a more confident, more competent, and ultimately happier individual. As a person living in the fast-paced 21st century, we have to be good and responsible in many fields. The days of the hunter-gatherer are over, and instead of building stable fires and shelters, our skills are now directed in more specific areas.
However, thousands of years adapting to a ruggedly physical and challenging existence hasn’t left us just because the division of labor and desks were invented. In our hearts, we still have a yearning for adventure, be that exploring the world, getting to the top of your career, or having a family. It’s easy to be distracted by less productive methods of goal-setting, such as playing video games or watching television box sets. While these are great to unwind, and definitely have a place in modern society, sometimes our free time is best spent improving ourselves and our minds.
Like Aristotle said, ‘We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.’ Now not everyone wants to be excellent. But everyone does want to be happier. Taking a few moments every week to pursue bountiful activities like the ones featured in the following list will help you become that happier person, and who knows, maybe stumble upon the knowledge that opens your perception and allows you to live a more aware and sensitive life.
The great human adventure is open to everyone. Just be sure that you don’t miss taking part. ‘Holistic’ methods of self-healing have become trendy these days and for good reason. It makes more sense to people that addressing their physical and mental health as part of a whole, and not segmented will allow them to become stronger in their being. Here’s how:
Meditation is one of the best activities a modern person can follow. Without a goal in mind, sitting down and being present for the intake of breath through your nostrils, and slowly, gently returning your focus there after you lose yourself in thoughts is called ‘Vipassana’ meditation. It is an ancient Vedic tradition that has proven scientific benefits. It will improve your focus, your mental clarity, your creativity, your passion for life, your empathic ability and your ability to communicate well. All of these benefits have been back up by scientific study. There’s a reason that these traditions have lasted for thousands of years at a time. Join that tradition.
Spirituality is important, yet it needn’t be constrained to any particular religion or doctrine of belief. Whether you believe in new age ideas, are a devout Catholic, a follower of Island, or a simple atheist, you should connect with your spirituality. This is hard to define and means different things to different people. For the Catholic, it might be living a good, honest life in accordance with God’s ideals.
For an atheist, it might be just being a rational, good person to everyone you meet. It sounds funny to say, but your belief doesn’t actually impact your spirituality acted out in the world. For example, an atheist who believes fundamentally in being a good, honest, responsible and amiable person is a deeply spiritual person, in that they live by their ideals and aim for that ‘higher goal.’ This is worthy of tons of respect and is admirable in anyone from any faith or lack thereof. Having this ‘higher goal,’ in whatever form, can help you weather the storms of life with strength and ‘grace.’
You might also believe in the Law of Attraction, which has been said to help people attune themselves in accordance with universal principles to ‘attract’ circumstances that are preferable. Destiny tuning is a form of this. But what is destiny tuning? Simply put, it’s a way to best line yourself up with the desired life you’re hoping to receive.

Whatever works for you, be sure to be the best person you can, and enjoy the process.
Read as much as you can. Theodore Roosevelt was notorious for reading a book every morning before breakfast, and his mind was one to admire for sure. Reading outside of your comfort zone daily, as well as indulgently in genres you love, will improve your narrative prowess, give you more of a foothold in the world from an educational standpoint, and allow you to deeply understand the minds of others.
Reading will also lower your stress, spark creative insight, and allow you to generally hold more wisdom about this crazy and beautiful adventure we call life.
No matter who you are, the three previous activities can help you in a plethora of ways. Be sure to couple these with exercise, so your body and mind are improving at the same rate, and you’ll be sure to become a worthy and respectable human during your time here.

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