weeee.. Job Offer Today!

by - 1/28/2006 12:38:00 PM

yehey! me job n nmn ako.. hahaha. Image after 1 month and a half of being a certified bummer..  i got a job at last! blessing in disguise tlga. after applying in call centers, tpus d nila ako pinapasa.. (huhuhu Image) Ambergris hired me.. wahehehe. we just applied thru a job fair in megamall with my bestfriend Bea and her husband. grbe, sobrang the whole day asa company kmi ksi antagal tagal ng interviews. kulang sa interviewers. niyaya ko na rin bebi ko to apply bka sakaling umabot pa sya sa batch namin na magsta-start dis jan 30. hehehe. Image grbe, imagine i was so bored at home, i spent my time watching naruto from ep 1 to ep 167, initial d, battle royale 1 & 2,hmmm anu pa ba? ohh.. and renting vcds. grrrhhh.. naku, nagkasakit pa ang bebi ko kya he spent his 2 weeks in my place para magpagaling.. gastos tlga ng month na to. but then since i'll be having a job makakabawi din kmi. Image i just cant wait to start on monday.. hehehe. exciting... new year, new job! hurray! Image

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