Got Milk?

by - 6/14/2006 06:50:00 AM

Guess I got the attention of some SB players.. lolz. Thanks for your encouraging messages.. haha. D ko na kayo kelangan patulan because with the way you post, alam ko na kung anung klase kayong mga tao..

I came home around 8am from work a while ago. I was so sleepy today because I didnt get much sleep yesterday. Sobrang kakaantok sa training ksi our team was divided into two class. Hmmm, puro Chat lng inatupag namin dun. (hehe) We were provided with our own AOL accounts which we can also use it at home. Dial-Up nga lang at after 2 months pa magagamit. I remembered the times when I was still using AOL accounts way back 2002 (mIRC days) I saw an old friend sa Robinsons Summit nun pauwe na kami. weee. la lang. I don't have much too say for now and I still have to sleep. I will be going to Heritage Hotel after my shift para kumita daw ng pera sabi ng nanay ko.. (lolz)

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