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Skyblade Item Mall Sale

hmmm, This is what we call a Phoenix Armor Package (left picture)which you can buy through the Item Mall of Skyblade for P582.00. Arg. quite expensive right? lolz. They are having Item Mall Sale today until June 2 (i guess..) I've been browsing for Hot Deals and I really want this package since my character is only wearing Dragon Armor Set. (lamer..) But hopefully, when we get our pay by June 15. I will be able to purchase Phoenix Armor Set. WEEEEEEEE! So I guess, i wont be needing this anymore and i would just go for the Pegasus Armor Package. which costs P430.35 so if i will be buying this, I have to buy 9 of this package because we have 9 armors. (Imagine how much will I be wasting for this one? haha. NO WAY!) But, I do have other items which I've been eyeing on for quite a while. harhar, I will be buying those items as soon as i get my pay and after I pay my debts with my mom.. WAAA!

e-Telecare Global Solutions

I'm already on my Day 7 at e-Telecare and we have started our Client Specific Training. I started last May 22 and was offered the TSR position last May 16. I guess, I was lucky because I never thought I would be hired by the company. Here's what happened, I applied online through Jobstreet and then I got a call from e-Telecare around 1st week of May and was scheduled for an exam. I wasn't able to go since I'm not feeling well. The next week, I was scheduled for an interview at 3i (behind Philam Life Bldg), unfortunately I didn't pass. (haha) Since it was still early at that time, I decided to go at e-Telecare because a friend of mine was scheduled for a final interview at HSBC Data Bank which is in PBCom Tower. So, I just took the exam which is not my schedule. We were 30-40.. I'm not sure of it. Well, EXAM WAS SOOO HARD! especially the IT and Network Exam. grrh! so from 30-40, only 8 people passed (including me.. hurray!) after that I was scheduled for another interview and then call simulation and, lastly the JOB OFFER! (hehe) but we still had another interview which they call OPs Validation in which OMs were the ones who interviewed us. Hmmm, last we had our Orientation and Foundation Skills Training. It was supposedly a 10-day training but it was reduced to 3 days for the Foundation Skills Trng.. (huhuhu) It already our DAY 2 of our Client Specs later. Our account is AOL and we are Wave 9. I just hope I passed the training but anyway we still have 4weeks so I guess we can still enjoy.. I actually can't wait for the pay day because I miss eating at fastfood chains and watching movies. ( I HAVEN'T WATCHED The Da Vinci Code, MI: 3 and X-Men! GRRH!)
My boyfriend will be starting his work at Convergys in June 12. SAME BLDG! weee. We will be able to see each other more often now..
Hmm, that's all for now.. I still need to get some sleep.. (my shift starts at 10pm. yey!)

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