Family Reunion Dinner / Pre-Mother's Day Celebration

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So sorry for this late post. >.<
Last May 12, we had our family reunion dinner at Sambo Kojin - Eastwood City. Our aunt from Japan came back to visit his father, our grandfather who is sick. We are almost complete except for some of our cousins who can't make it because they are at work and also two of my cousins are out of the country. We are around 50 people including the kids/grandchildren. (Yes, we are a huge family!) I am not a food blogger or an expert when it comes to food. All I can say is that I love the food.. especially the Korean appetizers, Tonkatsu, Tempura and the bacon wrapped in several mushrooms and vegetables.
We reserved a function room and were assisted by two waiters. Anyway, let me share to you some of our photos from our family dinner. Photos were shot by my brother, Maku. :)

Function Room

Tonkatsu / Tempura Station

Korean Appetizers

Vegetables / Mushrooms rolled with Bacon.


Some of the sauces.. Takumi sauce reminds us of my balikbayan aunt's son, Takumi.

Let's Grill this!

Picture picture! :p

Me and my Mama.. :)

Everyone is so full.. Thanks Tita Irene for the treat!

This is my aunts and uncles including my father who is the eldest in the family.

It was a great experience for the family. A reunion and a pre-Mother's Day celebration too. I would really love to visit here some other time since we started late around 9pm and the restaurant closes at 10pm.
So many food, so little time that I wasn't able to try the desserts and the sushi. I advice you to make reservations if you're planning to go on a weekend or else wait to be seated. 

All the reviews and raves I read from the forums and blogs are true. Sambo Kojin offers a remarkable Japanese-Korean Smokeless Grill buffet experience. Grill all you can + Eat all you can, until your stomach bursts! LOL :)


Sambo Kojin. As authentic as the Japanese-Korean collaboration.
In the Philippines, the locals go loco over Yakiniku houses. The Filipinos penchant for grilled food has likened barbebue stalls to the ‘lechon manok’ and ‘hot pan de sal’ phenomena. The increasing number of Yakiniku houses and restaurants all over the metro cities presents a potent business opportunity. However, not one of these Yakiniku houses come close to the real thing, the Japanese-Korean original tandem.
Fact is those Yakiniku houses at present serve a mix match of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Filipino ingredients.

This is where Sambo Kojin comes in.
Combining the unbeatable strength of its ‘eat all you can’ franchise and a 30- year expertise and experience in conceptualizing and managing a Japanese restaurant, the group behind Sambo Kojin brings quality and authenticity to levels of proven excellence.
Bringing in the authentic features of Japan’s Yakiniku houses, Sambo Kojin modernizes the restaurant operation to provide comfort, efficiency and pleasurable dining. The exhaust system was designed to eliminate smoke and minimize odor while grilling thus, guests fully enjoy the experience of cooking their own food.

Time for Sambo Kojin to show what’s real.
Selection of raw ingredients include premium meat cuts and fresh from the catch seafood. Japanese specialties feature the widest, most delightful array of classic and modern sushi selections. 

Unlike the competitor Yakiniku houses, Sambo Kojin serves newly cooked Japanese and Korean specialties. Not only are the dishes laid out in full view a la buffet, guests can watch their food being cooked. This gives the guests the incomparable goodness of newly-cooked tempura, sukiyaki ,kamameshi rice and more Japanese specialties. Unbeatable are the sushi and sashimi selections showcasing the classic favorites and the colorful, flavorful rolls. Korean dishes include the most popular kimchi (pickled vegetables), chapchae (noodles), and side dishes.

SAMBO KOJIN No Left Over Buffet Price Schedule:

Monday to Fri LUNCH P 499.
Monday to Fri DINNER P 599.
Sat, Sun & Holidays LUNCH&DINNER P 649.
For children below 4 ft. P 299.
(Add P200 only for leftover)
For more info call Eastwood branch 421-0145 or Edsa 726-4466.
Add them on Facebook:

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  1. magkamukha kayo ng mom mo :) sarap naman ng ganyang celebration! at talagang may uniform? :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  2. hihihi thanks sis!

    nako pasalubong yan nun tita ko sa mga kapatid nya.. ang kulit nga eh. hehehe. :))

  3. mukhang nice and neat ang restaurant at mukhang masasarap ang foods. i mustremember that place pag uwi ko ulit ng pinas:)

  4. gusto ko din itry dito! dami na ko nabasa na good reviews. =)

  5. must visit talaga sya sis Joy and Irene :D

    kakabundat sa sarap! hehehe