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by - 5/06/2012 10:46:00 AM

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Last May 1, 2012, I've won a giveaway through Miss Nana Lopez' blog, Pursuit of Nana where I won worth P1000 GC. Here's the post where she announced the winner..
After receiving a PM on how I can claim my GC.. I immediately visited Asian Vogue's website and browsed through their shoes.. 
I was really amazed because they sell different kinds of shoes that caters to every woman of every generation.. May be its casual, formal, corporate,or  for everyday use.. 
name it, they have it. 
But that's not all, they sell it on a very reasonable price.. 
Good quality, Affordable, Chic and Fashionable.. what more can you ask for.
By the way, the photo above was the shoes I ordered from them.. I chose the Rice color and ordered flats because I am not a fan of heeled shoes for the reason of I always get slipped or tripped. Clumsy girl in short. Haha.

Anyway, Asian Vogue is celebrating their Third Year Anniversary and their way of thanking its followers and customers is to have an anniversary giveaway. (YEY!)

Prizes are:

1st prize = 5,000php gift certificate
2nd prize = 1,500php gift certificate
3rd prize = 1,000php gift certificate

To join the Asian Vogue Anniversary Giveaway and for the full mechanics,
click here.

Happy Anniversary, Asian Vogue!

PS: Thank you Miss Nana Lopez, Pursuit of Nana for the cool giveaway.
Please visit and check out her blog, too. 

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