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Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins  had the opportunity to review Copy-Kids DVDCopy-Kids is a new video aimed at children ages 6 months to 5 years that encourages the eating, and enjoyment of fruits and vegetables.  The video features children not only eating 12 different fruits and veggies but loving them and showing their excitement which infects the child watching the video. What a great concept!!

Watch the trailer for Copy-Kids below

Copy-Kids has won three Children's excellence awards!  I would say that is an achievement in itself!  They are also approved by the USDA and are part of the USDA's Education and Training Materials Database for pre-school nutrition. You can the listing here.

Copy-Kids is divided into twelve chapters of 6-8 minutes each focusing on a different fruit or vegetable.
bell pepper          bananas               oranges
carrots                 strawberries        avocado
raspberries           tomatoes             apples
broccoli               cucumber            blueberries

Copy-Kids can be purchased for $19.95 with free shipping on the Copy-Kids Website.
Munchkin 2's Review:
She loved it!!  She loved to watch the different children eating vegetables that she already loves.  She would ask for me or Munchkin 1 to put it on for her.  She would even say, "mmmmmm".

My review:
I have won a Copy-Kids DVD last May from Spanish Pinay blog. My kids immediately watched it and definitely had fun! They were introduced to those delicious veggies and fruits. When my son saw me eating red bell pepper he said, "That's bell pepper! The one the kid is eating on TV." My children are not really picky eaters but they truly enjoyed Copy-Kids DVD and so do I!

Lets start with the good:
I think Copy-Kids would work really well for a parent that has children who do not like to eat their vegetables.  My kids thoroughly enjoyed the DVD and it helps them to recognize the names of the vegetables better.  They have a variety of fruits and vegetables in the chapters. 

The not as good:
The chapters are all separate on the disc so after every chapter I would have to manually click the next chapter.  There was not a way to set it to play all the chapters at once.  That was very frustrating.  I thought although they had a variety of fruits and vegetables that they could have had more problem vegetables.  

The verdict:
Copy-Kids would be very effective in getting children to eat vegetables.  It has a few flaws but who doesn't. This concept is new and I know it will grow and get better with time.  I can't wait to see the next DVD they come out with!

You can find more information on Copy-Kids DVD here.
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