Free Blogger Opp : Tiny Love and Build A Dream House Giveaway

by - 8/31/2012 11:17:00 AM

Host by Joys Of Life

   This event is sponsored by Tiny Love Products & Build A Dream Play House.
Hosted by Joys Of Life

2 Winners - Prizes:
Grand Prize - Tiny Love Gymini & Mobile
Second Prize - The Cosmic Cruiser or The
Dream Machine - Winner's Choice by Build A Dream Play House

Event Dates: September 16 to September 30

                                                           The Cosmic Cruiser or The
                                                        Dream Machine - Winner's Choice
Build your Dream House TODAY! 


1 Winner takes home BOTH Tiny Love Products

Reviews coming up soon on both the amazing products! So, look out for them. Full reviews on BOTH products would be available along with the giveaway.

Blogger's Event - August 30 to September 15. HTML goes out on September 15, 2012.

Requirements:  Participation is FREE when you post this announcement on your blog OR pay $5.00 for no announcement post.

You will receive one free link in the rafflecopter entry form (Facebook or Twitter).

Additional links are available for $2.20 each (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Picket Fences, Email, Rss, or StumbleUpon).

You MUST be a blog owner. Non-publishers, Business websites/blogs such as It Works Wraps can participate for a fee of $20.00 for 2 links per blog/site. You can let me know you are a business blog on the form by saying "Business blog signup" in the area where others are required to post the announcement post URL.

You MUST agree to help promote the event at least once per to help spread the word and publish the post HTML by the specified date and time of 12:01 am. EST.

To use the images above, go here then right-click and copy the image. Save it and then paste it in your post



 ~ Sorry but if you joined any of our previous events and failed to post, you will not be permitted to join this event! ~

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