Top 10 Needs for Every Touring Artist according to Stephen Babcock

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Life on the road can be tough and stressful for budding artists/musicians. It’s a competitive industry their into and, at times, can be very unappreciative. So, if you and your band are hitting the road this summer, check out The Top 10 Needs for Every Touring Artist by NYC-based, Singer-Songwriter, International Touring Musician, Stephen Babcock. Aspiring musicians can learn the do’s and don'ts of touring artists from a musician who has toured the East Coast and the United Kingdom. 

Here's a quick summary of his article from The Top 10 Needs for Every Touring Artist:

1. Invest in Your Case 
2. Don’t Leave Home Without a Reliable Ride (+ Map or GPS)    
3. Pack Some Snacks 
4. Dress for the Season
5. Stay Entertained  
6. Make Some Merch ( & Pack a Sharpie)
7. Don’t Forget Your Camera 
8. Find Places to Crash  Sleep.
9. Start Printing Flyers & Promo Posters  
10. Get Ready to Connect

Want to know more about the reason behind his article? Check out Stephen Babcock's article here and see what tips are good for you!

Photo grabbed from Stephen Babcock's Facebook Page

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