My New Laptop

by - 8/12/2015 10:13:00 AM

Two weeks ago, I was able to achieve one of my goals this 2015. After months of saving up from my online earnings, I finally bought my very own laptop. No more Lubuntu, limited tabs, broken speakers and so on. Now, I can enjoy browsing the net without the lags, creating more blog post, do my online jobs faster and save more time to do more tasks here at home. The laptop that I chose is a brand new Lenovo G40-80 which I bought from an online store. With the help of my techie brother, he was the one who met up with the seller and did the testing of the unit. 

Thank you so much my dear bro for the help and also to the financial assistance! Hehe.
Thank you so much dear God for this awesome blessing. :)

It's time to enjoy its features and specs. Hopefully, I will be earning more (via online) from now on.
Next goal is to start finally start up a small business. Wish me luck! :)

Here is my instagram post on the day I got my new baby:

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