Our Kidzania Manila Experience

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Last July 26, my friend and I together with our kids got invited to visit Kidzania Manila before it opened it to the public. Our kids were so excited that they will be going to try Kidzania before everyone else does and looked forward to what they will be doing throughout the allotted schedule.

First, we checked-in at the Kidzania International Airport, which we were given our boarding passes, our RFID security bracelets, a map and a BPI check worth 50 kidZos. After that, we entered the beautiful city of Kidzania Manila.

Photo Credit: Kidzania Manila Facebook Page

Just to give you a quick info, "KidZania Manila is a safe, unique, and interactive environment where children aged 4-14 can discover, explore, and learn about the adult world – in a kid-sized city built just for them!
It’s a play city built to scale for children – complete with paved streets, transport system, and a functioning economy. With 8,000 square meters of play space, children can explore their interests and learn life skills through over 100 immersive role playing activities. 
Education + Entertainment. KidZania Manila provides a dynamic way to help kids learn by taking on exciting role-play activities such as pilots, cooks, artists, firefighters, veterinarians, and even broadcasters.
All activities are reality-based, hands-on, and interactive. Kids also get to wear realistic uniforms and use realistic work tools!" --- Kidzania Manila

Upon entering Kidzania, kids should first encash their check at BPI to get started. First activity that they did was to make ice cream at Magnolia Ice Cream Factory as Ice Cream Production Engineer after which they got their own ice cream cup to take home. Then, we went to Goldilocks Bakeshop as Pastry Chef where they decorate their own pastry with icing, toppings, and sprinkles. They spent 15 Kidzos each for the two activities. Since their money is almost out. They decided to work in order for them to earn and save money which they can use it again on our next visit at Kidzania.

Here are the following activities that they did:

1. Urban Farmer at Farm House Store.
2. Cashier/ Bagger Employee at Healthy Options.
3. Pit Crew Member at Shell Gas Station.
4. Accessory Maker at Traditional Jewelry Shop.
5. Arborist at Urban Garden.
6. Customer at National Bookstore where they freely browse different book titles.

To check out the rest of the activities that you can try out, click here.

Let me share to all of you some of our photos during our visit at Kidzania Manila:

3 hours of play time was full of FUN, FUN, FUN for my kids. I don't remember them complaining that they are hungry. All they want is to try out every activity that is available. Although they weren't able to try the popular activities like the fire station, aviation, hospital, pizza shop, R&D center, etc. I promised them that I will bring them there again in the future so that they can do more of the activities available. (Time to save up some money.. Teehee! $_$)

Kidzania Manila is indeed worth visiting whether you are a kid or a kid at heart like me! How I wish there was one like this when I was young.. Huhuhu. :p My kids went home with huge smiles on their faces and amazing stories of what they did and learned throughout the day. 

Thank you so much to my friend, Bea for tagging me and my kids along with them. It was such a great experience! We will definitely be back, Kidzania Manila! Z-U soon! :)

For FAQs, click here and City Codes, click here.
For Ticket Prices and Online Booking, click here.
For Directions on how to get there, click here.

KidZania Manila
Address: Park Triangle Building, North 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Website: manila.kidzania.com
Email: info@kidzania.com.ph
Facebook: Kidzania Manila
Twitter: @KidzaniaManila
Instagram: @KidzaniaManila

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