Dating a Single Mom: How Not to Screw It Up for Good

by - 1/23/2018 12:30:00 AM

If you are in your mid-30s, you can run out of young single girls in your area. Or, even if there are some women there, they are either taken or don’t want to start a serious relationship due to their interest being in general drawn to careers. All in all, finding a partner in your 30s may not be exciting at all. It is at times frustrating and time-consuming at its worst. 

Alongside with, we gathered some useful information on dating a single mom. So, dive in! 

5 Reasons to Date Single Moms

1. They are experienced in dating and relationships, even if they have only had a sole major love story in their life, that being with their ex-husband or boyfriend. It makes things much easier for a new relationship.

2. Women enter their flourishing years after giving birth. Biologically, women become even closer to ultimate health and beauty after being pregnant thus going through an enormous hormonal revolution in their bodies. Science it is! 

3. They don’t look for your biological material. As she had already given birth to her child or children, your potential date will stay away from the topic of you having your own children for a while. After being together for some time, you can get back to that. 

4. They know good sex, which is the result of the aforementioned hormonal revolution. And while some women become somewhat indifferent to sex itself, most of them need more and better sex after becoming parents. And you know what it means. 

5. They are caring and supportive. Well, because, after all, they are a mother already. If you lack care and tenderness in your life, single mothers will become a great choice for you. 

How to Date a Single Mom: Major Tips

1. Leave her some space for her life and children. Being adults, you both probably have some life agenda, short- or long-term plans for future etc. It’s a great idea to demonstrate your affection and interest; helping her with household choirs and her kids may also work. Nonetheless, you need to let her have as much time as she needs for her and her family only. That’s one of the most important conditions of your dating success with single moms. 

2. Meet her kids. If you are going to start something serious with this woman, you will probably need to get along with her children. Learn the story of her life, especially the reason why the kids don’t have a full-time father anymore. Based on what you learn, set a perfect mood and circumstances to meet her children. But don’t push too hard – it’s not likely her toddlers (or even teenagers) are going to like you from the start. Invest some time in it. 

3. Don’t do the mistakes her ex-did. Dating single mothers take a lot of learning, but it pays off quickly. She is single for some good reason, obviously. Aside from the death of her spouse, reasons are probably related to some unhealthy relationship patterns, sexual infidelity, financial arguments or so. Find out more about the reason and avoid repeating the same mistakes thus doing her life a living hell. 

In the end, dating a 30-something single mom can be a lot of fun! Don’t be afraid to invest some time in making this relationships work. Good luck! 

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