5 Tips To Trimming Your Trees

by - 3/12/2018 11:03:00 AM

Trees not only add natural beauty to our landscape but also provide shade, fruit and improve the air we breathe. They are a vital nurturing force and the world cannot do without them. This is why it is important to keep your trees healthy and safe. A good way of doing this is by trimming. Properly trimmed trees not only look neat but also give your landscape that aesthetically pleasing look.
Here are 5 tips to trimming your trees:
1. Trim A Tree During Its Dormant Season
Trees should always be pruned during their dormant seasons unless when the tree’s health is at stake or there is a safety concern. When you prune in the dormant season, you will avoid encounters with insects that cause tree diseases.
Insects are attracted to the smells that are emitted by freshly cut trees. Most disease-causing insects are immobile during the dormant season thus trimming your trees then will reduce insect attraction and protect the health of your trees.
2. Be Careful Where You Trim
Ensure that you don’t trim your branches too close or too long. Do not cut off the branch collar. This is the soft tissue of the branch from which other small branches grow. A damaged collar can cause stunted growth and give room for a potential infection. Trim the branches that have weak V-shaped narrow angles. Retain the U shaped angles as they are stronger.
3. Try To Trim When The Branches Are Young
Trim your branches when they are young. This is better for the tree as compared to trimming older branches. When branches are left for too long, it becomes harder to trim them and their recovery is less likely. Younger branches are a lot easier to trim. The risk of leaving scars on the tree is also much lower.
4. Check The Branch Size
Keep in mind the size of the branch before you remove it. If the diameter is less than 5 centimeters, then it’s okay to remove the branch. However, if the branch is 10 centimeters or more, you should not remove it unless it is causing a safety hazard.
5. Hire An Expert To Get The Job Done
Trimming your own trees can be cost-effective and very satisfying. However, if you are not confident with your trimming skills, it is advisable to hire a professional to get the job done. An expert knows the best way to maintain your trees; therefore he will ensure that your trees are trimmed properly to maintain their natural appearance.
It is also very important to hire a professional if you need to trim trees that are near utility lines. Falling and electrocution can be fatal. A professional is trained to ensure these tasks are performed safely.

With these 5 tips, your trimming experience will be quick and easy leaving you with beautiful healthy trees. Looking for tree trimming services? Estate Tree Service has provided the best tree service since 1992.  At Estate Tree Service, you will get the best Tree Trimming services in San Diego County.  

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