5 Ways to Get Wild Animals Out of Your House Without Harming Them

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Certain pests, such as termites and cockroaches, will require extermination to make your property clean. However, you may not want a single wild animal, such as a mouse, squirrel, or raccoon to die when it gets inside your home. You need to be extremely careful when dealing with wild animals, and you are always better off utilizing professional pest control San Antonio Texas, but here are some ways you can keep wild animals at bay on your own.

1. Pick Up Fruit When It Falls from Trees

Rodents enter your home for two reasons: food and shelter. If you can limit one of those resources, then you limit the possibility of a pest wanting to spend time inside your building. One way to limit the food source is to pick up fruit as soon as it falls from a nearby tree. Care for any fruit trees on your property regularly.

2. Seal Any Openings

Before repairing any cracks or holes, you should make sure there are no animals presently inside your abode. Have a professional inspect the premises to ensure it is all clear. Then, you can hire a professional contractor to repair your house. Mice can get inside from even the tiniest holes, so make sure there is no way for a rodent to sneak inside. If you seem to find an unwanted visitor, search for wildlife removal services near me and fix the issue as soon as possible.

3. Tend to Your Garden

You can deter moles by planting daffodils and castor bean plants. Additionally, you can sprinkle blood meal over the perimeter of the garden to ward off rabbits and squirrels. Other ways to deter other forms of wildlife is to toss cayenne pepper or Epsom salt around the area so that animals will not want to eat any of your plants.

4. Make the Environment Inhospitable

If you know there is a wild animal in your attic, do not approach it. Instead, line the area with rags soaked in ammonia. You can also set up a radio that blares loud music. The animal may leave if it cannot sleep, and there is nowhere else to go but outside.

5. Use Live-Catching Traps

Numerous traps and baits are available to catch rodents. One solution entices the critter to get inside the trap with food, and then a door traps it. If you plan on using this method, then do it early. Once mice reproduce, you may not have enough traps to catch all of them.

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