5 Ways to Make Extra Income Online

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Extra money is always welcome. You can utilize it to buffer routine expenses, buy something you dream of or simply invest in some excellent savings plan that makes it work to offer high returns. The Internet and availability of inexpensive smart-phones have made earning extra income online fairly easy. Working a couple of hours during your free time can earn you fairly good money.

Benefits of Online Work

Flexible hours are the main advantage of working online to earn extra income. Secondly, online tasks can be completed from any location and during commutes. Reputed recruitment portals and those specializing in freelance works list several jobs. Thus, you can take any job that best suits your skills and requirements to make extra income online. Additionally, working online enables you to fine-tune and upgrade existing skills.

Best Ways to Make Extra Income Online

Here we list five jobs that require basic to expert level skills that can help earn extra income online. Understandably, a lot many are on offer. You can select any depending upon the number of hours you wish to work online and amount of money it offers.

Freelance Writer

Anyone with a flair for creative writing can earn good money online as a freelance writer. In the US, a freelance writer earns between US$25 to US$35 per hour, depending upon the content you can create. Freelance writers are required by bloggers and businesses, news media and companies. Nowadays, freelance writers are in huge demand with increasing number of businesses going online. They require excellent content to post on company websites. Freelance writers are also needed by news media to cover geographical locations where do not have full-time correspondents.

Social Media Manager

Should you have the passion for Facebook and Twitter, find a job as social media assistant with one or more businesses. For part-time work, social media managers get between US$15 to US$20 per hour. The pay can go as high as US$30 per hour if you can create excellent content. Social media managers are required by businesses that are serious about customer outreach and receiving consumer feedback. You will post content provided by the employer on their Facebook page, respond to comments from ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ and perform other tasks like Tweeting about products and services of the employer.

Virtual Assistant

Freelance virtual assistants are needed by companies that are marketing products online through their own website as well as online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. The job pays between US$ 10 and US$ 15 per hour. Your task is to upload product listings on the employer’s website and those of other e-retailers. Additionally, you may have to set up Pay Per Click campaigns and monitor activities by competitors. Depending upon the nature of business, skill requirements may vary from entry level to expert.

Online Tutors

This is an excellent way to earn extra income online from home, either as a small business or by working with an educational institute. As part-time employment, you can earn between US$ 25 to US$ 40 per hour, depending on subjects you can teach. Online tutoring complements classroom coaching. Nowadays, several colleges and universities provide online tutoring for students that reside at distant locations or in specialized subjects where instructors are not easily available. You can find work with these institutes. Opening home-based business is also possible by providing online tutoring in specialized subjects or even cooking.

Paid Surveys

Additionally, there exist simple ways to make extra money online. One of these is taking paid online surveys. Depending upon its nature and length, you can earn between US$1 and US$20 per survey. To earn from paid online surveys, register on any reputed website. You can also earn money by referring relatives and friends to join the online paid survey website, playing video games and completing other simple tasks like writing short product reviews.

Other Sources to Earn Online

Should you possess expert level proficiency in English and a foreign language, work as an online translator. The job pays between US$ 4 to US$40 per hour. Here, it is important to understand that pay depends upon the demand for translations in the foreign language where you have proficiency. Part-time work as an online translator on a project basis is also available. A single translation project can earn you as high as US$500, provided you are a native speaker of the language and have expert level skills and excellent fluency in English.
Nowadays, crowd-sourcing projects are also available for people with very specialized skills in engineering, graphic design, architecture and myriad other fields. To work on such projects along with other experts based at distant locations, enroll on any good crowd-sourcing platform. Depending on the project, you can earn as high as US$ 2,000 per project.

In Conclusion

Very simple tasks that can be taken by students to make extra money online are also available. These include basic data entry, medical coding, reviewing advertisements and testing apps and computer games for ease of use. Making extra money online is not complex as some tend to believe. Instead, thousands of freelance and part-time jobs are available that enable you to work during spare hours and make extra income online.

Should you wish to make extra income online, start by finding what skills are in demand and your expertise in the field. Registration is free on any good freelance work website. However, you may have to bid for some projects since the employer may have a fixed budget. In other cases, pay scales are largely consistent with industry standards.

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